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Trash from the Past: ShadowMoon pt.1

Hello minions!

Today, in the first proper ‘Trash from the Past’ insight, we will look at something called “ShadowMoon”. This was a strategy game we were planning back in 2001. We went so far as to develop 250+ fully skinned and animated units, 50+ buildings, HUD, and even began sounds. Unfortunately, we didn’t have an engine or anything. We just made all this stuff, with basically no direction. So, from about mid 2001, to early 2002, we made all this content for ShadowMoon. So without further ado, here is a look at some of the stuff:

Important note: The screenshots were made in Photoshop, in an attempt to make what would look like a screenshot. We took shots of the units and objects from the angles, and then pasted them over a mock terrain and added some FX:

The alien race, the Gronkyt’s, take on the medieval Ancients:

The mysterious Dark Hunters battle it out with the Pirates:

In the game, players could choose one of six races. There were three futuristic, and three ancient factions:

UHA: A race of humans from the future, possessing advanced technology.
Jorgon: An advanced alien race of robotic and organic structure.
Gronkyt: The old squishy aliens, which came in large numbers.
Ancients: Medieval humans possessing rudimentary magical abilities.
Pirates: Vicious sea-faring pirates with a taste for crude implants.
Dark Hunters: A race of forest dwelling creatures with strong magical abilities.

The brutal Gronkyt’s try to fight off an attack from the UHA:

A skirmish erupts between the robotic Jorgon and the Dark Hunters:

The noble Ancients encounter a force of barbaric Pirates:

A detachment of UHA troops tries to get the better of a force of Dark Hunters:

So that’s it for the first of the series. Keep checking in for more insight into our past efforts, including more on ShadowMoon.


3 Responses to “Trash from the Past: ShadowMoon pt.1”

  • bjossi:

    You guys aren’t sad to have built all this content only to scrap it all? The concept would have made for a really interesting game. It’s not every day we see pirates and future humans in the same world and time.

    • Well it wasn’t nice to throw away, but it was a step in our education. The idea may surface some day again, who knows :)

    • Yeah, that’s one of the things you have to be able to handle really well in this industry.

      Because stuff that you pour your heart and soul into, very often remains unused, or gets discarded…

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