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Rooks Keep Roundup 1: What’s been happening

In what I hope is the start of a regular series, we’ll summarize in this convenient feature, Rooks Keep updates, improvements, additions, etc. This shall be the first into the fray; a brief overview of the current state of affairs, alongside plenty of pretty pictures and videos.

Also, you won’t see much on Chess in this post, as I’m focusing on the more recent developments.

Well then, read on to see what’s happened over the last few months of development:


We’ve added a few UI elements, notably the HUD, character selection screen, scoreboard, and even the main and mid-game menus are well along:


-Character selection



Witness a neat display of each piece/character:
-Knights Faction

-Beasts Faction

Many glorious maps have been added, primarily for the free roaming Deathmatch modes:

-Mines [Goldwind Mines]

-Barrens [TBA]

-Sands [TBA]

-Fields [Fields of Kingsbane]

-Fetid [Fetid Marsh]

-Aztec [Jade Sun]

-East [TBA]

-Green [Emerald Roost - Chess]

-DM1 [TBA]

-Dark [Darkhaven - Chess]

-Deathbowl [TBA]

Gore, AI and even some powerups on show here:


-Gore: Enjoy some viscera on your otherwise quiet morning :)

-Powerups: We currently have a damage boost (shown here), an experience pickup and a healing pickup.


And finally, enjoy some miscellaneous images of Rooks Keep in action:

We hope to have some more videos and images released regularly, and then we’ll summarize them in the next update :)


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