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Viscera Cleanup Detail: Shadow Warrior

Greetings, humble greetings fellow custodians. It has been far too long since we last shuffled into the staff room. :)


However, we have by no means been slacking off behind the crates again! No, we’ve been working on a little mini-game crossover of VCD together with Devolver Digital and Flying Wild Hog. We bring you “Viscera Cleanup Detail: Shadow Warrior”.

Available to all who’ve purchased the new Shadow Warrior. You’ll get to cleanup one of the most iconic katana battle scenes of the game, with certainly over an hour’s worth of cleaning time, and various little surprises.


It also comes with various changes to normal VCD content, and some additions themed along the lines of Shadow Warrior, drawing on its universe to create some unique surprises. Even your trusty space mop has been replaced with a wonky-at-best bamboo mop! :)


It features some newer fixes and features that will be making an appearance in normal Viscera Cleanup Detail in due time, as well as 2 achievements.
A fair bit of the work we’ve done on VCD:SW will find its way into the next, and or following VCD updates as we start to release them regularly once again.


And on that note, work continues on the previously mentioned Medical-Bay, we’ve refined its concept and are now working hard on getting it well fleshed out ASAP, it will feature various advances from previous VCD levels, and some other interesting elements.


We apologize for the terrible delay with news, we have been just too caught up with VCD:SW, and sworn to secrecy until now.


Have these fine links, and do consider buying the new Shadow Warrior, it’s a great game, and if for no other reason, it comes with VCD:SW! :P




As ever, please consider pre-ordering regular Viscera Cleanup Detail for $5 while you can if you haven’t already!
Pre-Order now!


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