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VCD:SW now free with all VCD purchases

Attention Janitors, attention!


New union regulations have brought janitors together like never before!
All restraining orders keeping Space-Janitors and Yakuza cleanup crews away from each other have been dropped, and they can now frolic together in a blissful splash of blood, viscera and a hard day’s labor.


Viscera Cleanup Detail: Shadow Warrior edition now comes free with any purchase of the regular Viscera Cleanup Detail game. So any of you who happened to pre-order VCD will get to download and play the Shadow Warrior edition for free! :)

Anyone who has already pre-ordered through the Humble Widget can check their email for their Steam-Key. ;)
If you haven’t pre-ordered regular VCD already, then I suggest you do now…or some angry union representatives will pitch up at your house and get medieval on yo ass with a bamboo mop!…no pressure
Pre-Order now!

Here is some irresistible footage to sway your hand toward the dark-side!