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Viscera Cleanup Detail v0.29; Unearthly Excavation!

Greetings, noble janitors. I bring news of a terrifying new Viscera Cleanup Detail update, complete with a whole new level; Unearthly Excavation.

Unearthly Excavation

With this comes several new features, such as a shovel, sand mechanics, janitor viscera, new crates, a trophy system and a whole bunch of other features and improvements, just see for yourself!:

-Fixed pickup highlighting on bucket water surface
-Fixed pickup highlighting when not using hands
-Turned the ‘GRAPHICS TO WASTE’ knob down from 11 to 3 on the incinerator fire effects
-Also optimized the fire effect for burning objects
-Added extra fire effects for open incinerator doors
-Moved non-common classes and references to sub-package to prepare for mod support
-Added new Dig-Site map
-Added the Sandtrap actor
-Added new tool: The Shovel
-Added new sand mechanics
-Spare tools now show on back of janitor
-Implemented janitor gibs
-Increased mop and bucket saturation limits (yay!)
-Decreased bucket and bin machine jam rates (yay!)
-Movable dig site light actors
-New crates
-Bloody worker body textures
-Removed slippery areas from Evil Science…for now.
-Fixed med-pack lids behaving oddly after loading.
-Improved Trophy system to store anything you personally put in there.
-Improved janitor trunk to carry over skeletal viscera properly.
-Removed unused ‘Use’ Key from input bindings.
-Improved punchout system to punish you more accurately. (Doesn’t apply to old saves)
-Implemented some extra optional/bonus janitorial tasks [Stacking Areas]
-Fixed fires causing scorch marks underwater.

And a few hideous screenshots to wet your appetite, and your overalls:
Shovel Time!Tunneling!Meat Storage!Meeting!
Also, we hope to be able to get Mac and mod support into the next update, so stay tuned for that!
And that’s everything! Go in blood, noble technicians.


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