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We’re taking a break!

Greetings everyone!
So, another year has passed by, rather rapidly at that. We managed to get VCD into Early Access, updated it regularly, got Rooks Keep out onto Steam, set up our business and company and were generally ultra-busy. We even managed a prototype or two when we weren’t working on VCD (usually in the evenings or weekends)!
All this is basically to say, “we’re going on break for a few weeks”! We’ll be keeping an eye on things to make sure nothing serious pops up, and fix it if it does.
With some time off, we’ll be able to do some renovating around our “office” and spend some time fleshing out a couple prototype ideas we have. Once we’ve completed VCD, one or two of those will become our next focus.
But of course, we can’t depart without saying thanks to our excellent fans and community! Thanks for the feedback, the kind words, the videos and pictures and, most of all, thank you for cleaning those disgusting space-stations, and contrary-wise, making all the nice Rooks Keep arenas less than clean!
We’ll return in a few weeks, hopefully refreshed and ready to finish up the rest of VCD!
We’ll seeya soon everyone; rock on!