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Viscera Cleanup Detail v1.0! And other news!

Hey hey!

Because I’m an idiot, this blog has gone un-updated for a little too long.. Feel free to whack me over the head with your virtual baseball bats!
At any rate, I come now with a summary of what has happened since the last post (a shit ton!). Big news first then:

Viscera Cleanup Detail has hit v1.0 and is now out of Early Access! Hooray!
Viscera Cleanup Detail unleashed!
Head on over here to get your hands on the finest space-station janitorial simulator around!

Over the last year, we managed to finish off all the content and features we intended (mostly), added new maps, fixed a ton of things, polished up others and generally cleaned up the place! Here is a launch trailer to gaze upon:


And the cherry atop the pile of disposal bins? We even managed to craft a Halloween themed DLC, “House of Horror”; a content rich map set in a haunted suburban home.
Viscera Cleanup Detail: House of Horror!
Check out here for more info on House of Horror!

And here is also a funky trailer for you to feast your dead eyes upon:

We’re still working on a few outstanding tasks, however. These include getting a Mac build going (which it mostly does, check here), merging the spinoff titles (Santa’s Rampage and Shadow Warrior) into the main game, and hopefully I can finish off a map or two for Christmas (free updates!). They will be regular Viscera-themed however, nothing too outrageous.

Otherwise, we’re going to start figuring out what to work on next. We have a few prototypes rattling around that we’ll flesh out in greater detail in the new year I expect. We’ll also be taking our usual bit of time off over mid-December to sometime in January, but we’ll still be around to check out what’s happening/deal with stuff.

And lastly, another enormous thanks to the players and fans of VCD. Ya’ll have been amazing ;)
For now, keep on cleaning!