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VCD v0.35 to v1.0: tentative roadmap

Greetings everyone!
So here is our tentative roadmap for VCD from v0.35 (coming Friday probably) to v1.0 (hopefully in January). This is very much subject to change!
-General fixes [too many to list specifically]
-General tweaks [adjustments that will make themselves apparent as we go]
-Office tweaks and improvements that might be required

-Robotics facility [fancy new map and environment with new things to deal with]
-Paintenance [smaller map, theme shall remain secret for now!]
-Zero-G – MAY NOT HAPPEN! [this will be a design and environment reworking of the Zero Gravity map]

-J-HARM lift tool [for those hard to reach places!]
-Broom tool [it'll make it easier to sweep objects together]
-Artifact [muhaha!]
-Lightning scars [fix with Plasma tool]
-Radio [this depends very much on my ability to craft enough funky janitorial tunes!]
-Foetus’ for tanks [decorative]

-General audio pass:
This will be an overall pass of VCD audio, where we’ll add new sounds where lacking, or repeat too often across multiple objects (eg: all the crates). Expect a few dozen new ones.
-Hand animations [add more animations for the hands as needed, such as opening and closing, switching things on and off, palm scanner, etc]

-Trading cards
-Mod support / Steam Workshop
-Mac support [this is not a guarantee! we are not yet certain if it's possible, but we will try our best!]
-Launch/Release video

This is how this roadmap should go down over updates. This is by no means complete or definite however, rather a general guide. We will aim to get things in in that order, and as quick as we can.
Fixes and tweaks aren’t listed here, as they will be spread widely across the whole lot as we go :)
v0.35 [potential]
Trading cards
New map [Paintenance]
Hand animations
First few Achievements
v0.36 [potential]
Audio pass
More Achievements
v0.37 [potential]
Lightning scars
More Achievements
v0.40 [potential]
Robot Facility
More Achievements
v1.00 [potential]
Mac build
Launch video
And there we have it for now! We’ll keep on doing as much as we can and get through the updates as quickly as possible for ya’ll :) The only long gap might be when we take a couple weeks off over Christmas, but we aim to have most of it all done by that point.