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Viscera Cleanup Detail v0.33; Hydroponic Hell

Hi there, maligned custodians. News has reached the station of a new job opportunity, Viscera Cleanup Detail meets Station Greenhouse Simulator 2184(if there were such a thing). No, I refer to this beautiful new creation, Hydroponic hell, the new Greenhouse map. It comes with many other nice things, read on!

Hydroponic Hell
With this comes several new in-map features, major changes to the office, flares, explosives, and a whole bunch of other features and improvements.

But, we also bring; Editor support! Oh yes! If you know UDK, or are willing to learn, you can now create your own maps! We’ll be adding Workshop support as soon as we can as well. But for now, you’ll have to find alternate means of hosting your maps :\ Also, more info on exactly how to package and prepare your maps for public release will follow :)

TO BE CLEAR! IMPORTANT: Janitor Office no longer saves automatically, either save it manually or enable Auto-Saving. Old save data may also be horribly corrupted!

And now some words!
With this update, we’ll be taking a bit of a breather, during which time, we’ll try and get the Mac build working, finish up Rooks Keep and take a few days off. There will be no more major updates until those two things are done :) Trading cards and Workshop support may make an appearance during this time, otherwise it’ll come in a later update.
Also, before the next big update, we will be increasing the price ($10). Before that happens, we’re going to try and make sure that the Mac build either works, or makes it known that it won’t behave well enough to make it :\
Ok, that’s sorted, now take a gander at ye olde change log…careful, it bites! Though I’m not too sure on that.

-New ‘Hydroponic Hell’ map and mechanics.
-Editor support!
-Added several notes and announcement screens to Athena’s Wrath.
-Fixed Athena plants preventing you from picking up stuff stuck in them.
-Improved Zero-G speedrun par time, you now have %35 more time to clean it.
-Made some fairly major changes to the Janitor Office…muhahaha
-Added flares and explosives to Unearthly Excavation.
-Fixed the malcontent lockers in the Janitor Office.
-Added Flares to Waste Disposal
-Prevented use of Cheats such as ‘fly’ and ‘killnearestmess’ while in Speedrun mode.
-Made the bucket reflect the color of filthy objects dropped into it, and not just always red.
-Added flares to the supply machines.
-Fixed players in MP not having the right colors when going to the office.
-Fixed bloody footsteps not saving their color.
-Added a ‘Team Size’ display to the Speedrun Punchout machine.
-Made ‘Par time’ display adjust according to extra players.
-Fixed “Restore >>” button on the Main Menu next to ‘Speedrun’ appearing when there is no save data.

Here, have some screenshots, the first one is free…but you’ll have to sign a contract indenturing yourself to the cause of janitoring to view the rest!:
And that’s it, I hope you all enjoy getting your overalls covered in blood, I know you like that sort of thing.