About The Crucible:
Since the dawn of time, just beyond the veil of the known, souls of the dead have gathered to do battle to determine their fate. It is on this plane, the gateway between the realms, the bridge between Heaven, Hell and the mortal realm, that Angel and Demon alike will battle to decide their fate. As the relentless minions of Hell attempt to force their way through the gates of Heaven, the Holy warriors fight tirelessly to push them back into the abyss.
And so, this is The Crucible: The ultimate trial.

The Crucible is a multiplayer based mod, where players will take the place of a warrior of Heaven or Hell and battle for victory. Players will have access to unique and deadly powers and weapons, and will fight across a detailed set of maps and environments. Battle in various game modes, as a Holy Warrior or Unholy Minion, and wield a devastating arsenal of weaponry in your crusade.

Check out the Crucible forums for support questions, help or discussion.

The latest version of The Crucible, v1.2, takes the form of a collection of mutators, rather than a TC. This adds greater versatility to the mod and allows players to use stock UT3 content and other mods in conjunction with The Crucible.

Some of the key features in v1.2 include:
  • -9 new award winning weapons, including the "Thor" Lightning Gun.
  • -Award winning characters including the Savior, Crusader, Skeleton Minion, Zombie, Hel and Gargoyle.
  • -8 new maps, including 2 Road Rage maps.
  • -Road Rage gametype adds maniacal vehicle combat.
  • -New movement system.
  • -Extensive new Gore system.
  • -New items replace the stock items.
  • -New HUD (in certain gametypes).
  • -Unlockable Dual Swords by using Hammer.
  • -Various settings, such as health regeneration, barrel actors, Un-desaturation, Move speed modifier and more.
The Crucible is a mod for Unreal Tournamnet 3, that began as a project for the Make Something Unreal Contest.
The mod adds a number of new features to UT3, including:
  • Hammer of Retribution
  • Raven Sidearm
  • Basilisk Shotgun
  • Reaper Assault-Rifle
  • Trident Machinegun
  • Gryphon Sniper-Rifle
  • Hydra Rocket-Launcher
  • Scarab Grenade, aka "Pineapple"
  • Reloading System
  • Weapon Recoil
  • New Effects
  • New Sounds
  • Standard Crucible Weapons Mutator
  • Melee only Mutator
  • Hammers vs Pistols Mutator
  • Health Regen with varying levels
  • Armor Regen
  • Bonus health for frags
  • Botlist Randomizing
  • Hints System
  • Un-Desaturation Feature
  • Melee Swipes
  • Hammer Combos
  • Hammer Skill System
  • 3rd Person Melee Animations
  • AI Support
  • Multiplayer Support
  • Enemy Name Tag Remover
  • Weapon Brass
  • Fancy Grenades
  • Player Movement Speed tweaks
  • Options Menu
  • Low ammo sounds
  • Crouching improves recoil
  • Pain knocks aim off
  • Improved Scopes
  • Guided rockets
  • Splash Screen shows active components
  • Randomized kill messages

Crucible TrailerCrucible: Road Rage trailerOld Crucible Trailer



The Crucible v1.2 requires no previous version to be installed, and includes the award winning Crucible weapons, characters, maps and more:

.RAR file | 360MB
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