The Crucible - UT3: New version announced!
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Author:  ShadowBlade [ Wed Dec 15, 2010 12:05 pm ]
Post subject:  The Crucible - UT3: New version announced!

As many people probably know by now, our UT3 mod, The Crucible, is slowly being developed as a stand-alone game which we will be revealing later on as it progresses. But since this is a way off still, we've decided to re-release the UT3 version of the mod with a number of cool new features that were not present previously. The new release will be implemented through mutators, akin to BW, rather than as a TC version. This is done to allow greater versatillity with other mods and custom addons.

Original Features include:
-All Crucible characters: The Savior, Crusader, Skeleton Minion, Zombie and Davision's Gargoyle.
-All 8 Original, MSUC winning Crucible Weapons.
-RoadRage Gametype featuring customizable vehicles and great damage system.
-6 Deathmatch maps from The Crucible
-Movement System

New Features include:
-RuneStorm's "Hel" character
-"Thor" Lightning Gun
-Great new Blood & Gore system compatible with all Crucible and stock characters.
-Mutator implementation

More info for The Crucible can be found here:

Tons of Media (screenshots, renders and videos) is available here:

A release date will be confirmed when the mod is ready, in the near future.

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