Mechanics -> Sleight upgrade calculations
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Author:  hide_in_light [ Wed Nov 20, 2013 6:34 am ]
Post subject:  Mechanics -> Sleight upgrade calculations

I've kinda started re-balancing and re-scaling the game, and would like to know how the following perk is applied exactly.


Lets say I change the heavy attack of a pawn to 300 Damage with a BlockableDamagePct of 0.5
I know this will end up doing 150 Damage to a target.

But how does Sleight upgrade influence this number.
Lets say Sleight is at level5(0.5)

Do you multiply (0.50 * 0.50)

Or include the negative for -0.25

Or are the calculated individualy, if so in what order?
For example that 300 attack gets reduced to 150, then the perk is applied, after which it gets reduced to 75 damage.

Author:  Black Eagle [ Wed Nov 20, 2013 4:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Mechanics -> Sleight upgrade calculations

I believe the result from your values will be thusly when blocking:

First Damage is 300, but it's blocked, so Attacker.BlockableDamagePct (0.5) results in 150 successful damage.
The remaining 150 will be divided by DamageType.BlockableDamagePct.

We'll assume still 150, then 150 gets divided by sleight, with a level 5 it results in a 0.5 increase in damage that can't be blocked.

So by combining the two, you finally arrive back at 300. :)

Here is how the maths looks:
BlockableAmount = Attacker.BlockableDamagePct * SleightValue (1.0 + -0.5)

300 * 1.0 - (Victim.BlockDamageStrength * DamageType.BlockableDamagePct * BlockableAmount);

I did a cursory look at the code responsible for the equations, though I wasn't sure where the sleight upgrade's -0.1 value ends up being added to 1.0, which would make sense, I'm pretty sure that's what it does, otherwise the first upgrade to sleight would cause 90% of damage to get through. :think:

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