initial thoughts on the Mac Demo
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Author:  rachinc [ Thu Jan 05, 2017 12:46 am ]
Post subject:  initial thoughts on the Mac Demo

I tried out the mac demo for the first time yesterday. Here are my initial thoughts:

1) once the window pops (that has the game in it,) the window isnt full screen which is fine, but I cant move my mouse outside of that game window to click on stuff on the desktop for instance. mouse is stuck in game window.

2) Keyboard/Mouse Control.... I've never really played a game with my keyboard where you need to look right-to-left, up and down, etc. so i'm struggling to use the keyboard and the mouse at the same time to get around in this game, even I went to controls and customized the keyboard. I still dont know how to look right to left with the keyboard, so I use the mouse to look right to left. But when I'm using my Apple magic mouse to navigate in the game, my tools (mop, yellow computer scanner) get pulled up inadvertently. if I accidentally swipe left or right on the mouse without realizing it, it pulls up the mop and I dont want that. but I dont see anyway to disable that in the controls panel of the game. (The one control I havent messed with is "mouse sensitivity," I should try that to see if it fixes things)

3) So the keyboard/mouse thing wasnt going great, so I plugged in my logitech gaming controller to the computer. (m/n G-UF13A). When I moved the joy stick on the right (of the controller), I was able to move forward and backward. But the left joy stick doesnt do anything for some reason. I went into the control panel for this game and it wont let me change 'forwards, backwards, strafe left and strafe right'. It's stuck on Left Axis Y or Left Axis X. (I can change all the keys I want for the keyboard, but when it comes to the controller, it wont let me change those 4 listed above). So with the controller I cant figure out how to look right to left, or up and down). When I press up on the joystick, it makes my character go backwards instead of forwards. So I unchecked the box in the control panel about invert and it didnt fix the problem. Then I checkmarked it again and it didnt fix the problem. There were actually 2 boxes to check and uncheck for invert, but none of those fixed the invert issue.

4) does this game come with a tutorial? perhaps the tutorial will better show me how to move around?

Author:  Black Eagle [ Thu Jan 05, 2017 1:04 am ]
Post subject:  Re: initial thoughts on the Mac Demo

It's certainly possible to play the Mac demo with a Mouse and Keyboard.

It's odd that you had issues. :think:
The only issues I do know about is indeed the Magic Mouse. The solution to this is to remap the Next and Previous weapon keybindings.
Unfortunately...this isn't in the demo, but was updated on the beta recently.
We'd have to cook up a new demo.

Logitech controllers are not officially supported. As such, the output from the controller cannot be properly understood by the game's input logic.
Xbox360 controllers do however work, but obviously getting those working on OSX would require that your system have support for them.

You can check out the game's Wiki for more info, but there won't really be anything about controls. ... nup_Detail

Author:  rachinc [ Thu Jan 05, 2017 2:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: initial thoughts on the Mac Demo

Thanks for your quick response. The idea of getting an Xbox controller intrigues me. I'm going to have to google this. Also, are you still accepting beta testers? I tried following your steam instructions to join the beta but it didn't. I couldn't find the Properties box

Author:  Black Eagle [ Fri Jan 06, 2017 1:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: initial thoughts on the Mac Demo

The beta requires purchase of the game on Steam.

Once purchased, you can right-click on the item in your Steam Library and go to its properties, from there you'll find the beta tab, at which point you enter "ZeTrollPatch" into the box and select the mac beta. If properly entered, Steam should download the beta files instead of the regular PC files upon installation. :think:

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