Multiplayer, fix it already!
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Author:  AngryJanitor [ Thu Feb 02, 2017 8:52 am ]
Post subject:  Multiplayer, fix it already!

Some time ago I started playing Viscera Cleanup Detail and I like the game. It's a new and refreshing genre, nothing bad about that. Recently I advised a friend to go and get the game as well, since multiplayer seemed like a fun thing to do. But we couldn't connect to each other. We were wondering what could be wrong and we started Googling for solutions. There are more complaints about multiplayer than solutions. So now what? I got a pissed off friend, for good reasons, since we can't play the game together.

We've both tried all possible options: portforwarded all advised ports, opened everything up in the firewall, tried to connect with steam, tried direct connect, tried direct connect with steam closed, etc... You name it, we tried it: nothing works.

So I started digging a bit deeper into the issue: in 2015 the connectivity issues were at a minimum. In 2016 everything went wrong. I've gone through countless posts on steam and you're blaming the engine for the most part and steam having hickups with their system. How on earth can the engine be the issue here? The Unreal engine has been used on a ton of games without issues and it even worked on your game. Steamworks works like a charm on a ton of games as well. If everything worked just fine in 2015, then why not revert back to that stage?

VPN's aren't working either since nothing shows up in the LAN environment either. I tried everything I could think of being a system administrator in daily life, but nothing works. The issue has to be on your end and you as a developer should be able to fix it, especially since it worked in the past. One moment things show up in the online environment, a split second later it all stops. This clearly shows the issue is on your end.

So when are the multiplayer issues finally getting addressed and fixed? You spoke about this multiple times on steam, yet nothing happens. The game is even advertised there to be co-op and multiplayer, while a few days ago you made a post on steam about the game being released for MAC, stating that multiplayer is working, but only with direct connect.

This game has been out of alpha and early access for how long now? Crucial things are broken and you even release these issues on the MAC release. The game itself is awesome, these issues aren't. There's really no excuse for not fixing these issues. Licensing issues are your concern, not the player base's.

So when are you finally going to fix all of this? And if you don't plan on fixing it, be honest about it and post that on steam and let them remove the co-op and multiplayer features that are being show on the game page in the store.

Author:  Black Eagle [ Fri Feb 03, 2017 2:18 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Multiplayer, fix it already!

The honest truth is that it is working. Just not for everyone. That's what's so annoying.
Most people have it working; either straight away, or after trying one or two solutions.

Do we want to fix it? Absolutely, more than anything. For this very reason, people are pissed.

Can we fix it? That's a very good question, having tried just about everything we can think of(and not having access to the engine core, while so many other Unreal Engine games do, thus they can fix it) makes it difficult to diagnose where the problem is. We've also asked other developers about it and come up pretty empty, as their networks usually depend on Dedicated Servers, which supersedes any Client-Side troubles. Our network system requires people to host their own games with people they know.

Of course, we've not given up entirely, just been forced to prioritize what can be done for the time being. In the future we'll be able to approach this problem better, and hopefully have a concrete solution that works for everyone. Possibly with a different engine, one with more access and documentation. I believe the issue has to do with the engine's use of STUN conflicting with some people's routers and systems. Something we cannot change.

Unfortunately, as much as it pisses me off to say; there's not much we can do for those people who have issues at the moment, other than suggest the fixes we do have.

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