Namings of factions of a videogame i composed (in my head)
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Author:  mzoltan22 [ Tue Mar 24, 2020 9:44 am ]
Post subject:  Namings of factions of a videogame i composed (in my head)

(Prounounciation using the more flat pronounciation of vowels)

Tvilen elves Space elves who have birdlike gods amongst them with rich culture

Conglomerates human, dark industrialist factions controlling an area

Aryan empires military dictatorship of a human faction

rag-tag human factions with outlandish looking hardware

Hell riders a faction who have human vampires amongst them

Empire of Nor'eth cyberpunk themed human faction with some neon

Clownlings clown-punk sort of looking badboys

Korell Pirates pirates remaining after a human country

Neon Matriarchate humans with prosthetic bodies

Atlantean coalition humans who use higher technology

Macypher a blob and biomatrix controlled faction who have imprinted on human technology

Widespread insectides (insectides who are like antlions)

Skrish spidery tentacled faction who use cyber technology

Tyrren reptilian tribal hunters

Gogath swarm based off of pseudo arachnids and scorpiolike features with some of them have humanoids too (based off of contras aliens)

gi-ro-nuk tribal with 5 eyes one big four smaller

reprimand dwellers beastlike-humanoid vaguely who dwell in a wildlife based dimension

Naal using cyber technology and their humanoids developed for cybertechnology

Arone tall headed faction

Darr mantid humanoid sleder ressembling now present protoss from starcraft

Elyd Nadorr coalition two species coalition who utilize high technology

Markey centipeds centipeds who use centiped looking equipment

Hosh interdimensional creatures who have cristalline and other surface features

Tildarin insectlike with rings of insect hair around their joints and have tails wich can produce silk and have a mouth on it have eyes on the tail and multiple eyes on their head like spiders

:happy-partydance: what do you all think about the namings of these factions?

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Author:  Black Eagle [ Mon Mar 30, 2020 2:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Namings of factions of a videogame i composed (in my hea

Hmm, an interesting bunch.
What are you planning on using them for? :think:

Seems like they're a fit for an RTS.

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