I got a general protection fault on emitters
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Author:  mzoltan22 [ Tue Dec 22, 2020 6:18 am ]
Post subject:  I got a general protection fault on emitters

i was playing 5 minute maps with 18 players all bot but me on listen server
i was for 10 minutes away i had loudout and species statistics mutator

then on a map i think grendel keep a general protection fault happens after about 20 minute gameplay overall. i was about to pick up a bandage.

sometimes i see emitters just hanging in mid air not attached to players

these might give a clue as to where the problem occured

Author:  Threadnaught [ Tue Dec 22, 2020 7:51 am ]
Post subject:  Re: I got a general protection fault on emitters

there are a few reasons for a crash like this, but it's hard to tell without a .log file. Most likely reason is you didn't apply the Large Address Aware patch - UT2004 32bit exe by default only uses 1GB RAM, and the LAA patch fixes this.
copy pasted from the help section on the R&R discord server:

FAQ 1: Fix for UT2004 crashing with the error: Ran out of virtual memory:
This is caused by the 1 GB ram limit ut2004 has by default and BW being a big mod with a lot of content it tends to go over that 1 GB limit and crash the game but there is a simple tool that fixes this and i will explain how to patch the exe to accept up to 3 GB or RAM
Step 1: Download the following tool called LAA (Large Adress Aware) from this website: ... re.112556/
Step 2: Run the tool and select your ut2004.exe and check the checkbox that is at step 2 on the tool and save the changes

Alternatively u can install the UT2004 64-bit version as it can handle way more RAM then u will ever need the patch can be found at this link: ... bit-patch/
However keep 1 thing in mind that the 64-bit version of UT2004 is not perfect and has a few issues i will list below:
1. Sound pitching doesnt work (Noticeable with the scorpions or any other vehicle and with some BW weapons like the XMV minigun)
2. Light illuminations dont work (Noticable in dark rooms with a Red Dot Sight on a BW weapon) (Taken from post that ☰☱ made ages ago)
3. Tabbing out doubles RAM usage and VRAM usage (do this enough and your pc will freeze so on low ammounts of RAM avoid tabbing out as much as u can)

as for emitters hanging in midair, that's a bone attachment problem and shouldn't contribute to any crash, regardless of version

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