Crowdfunded video game?
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Author:  mzoltan22 [ Mon Sep 16, 2013 12:13 am ]
Post subject:  Crowdfunded video game?

So a special website made for it. not sure how toe make poll here.. for now i post poll options of kind of contributions here. then please reply with a post or tell how to make a poll (or i find out later).

(minimum 4 hours work daily on average for a month)

-programming physics/graph/sound (engine stuff)
-programming website for game
-programming game logic

*note programmers will generally spend some time checking other programmers work with the aid of those making the programs to uncover some nasty bugs.
-3d modelling
-graphical effect design (2d, and textures of sorts).
-sound effects
-voice actor
-information sourcing on web or reallife and spreading the word
-writing script for the game/multilingual stuff?

-game can be many sort but IDEAS are not yet welcome because of possible theft by an already developed team. generally its fps, middle age, or creative game.. eventually intended to be open world game (possibly many individuals already playing such video games so they are in the mental context of liking such.. and spreading of word is needed anyway).
-developed in smaller steps crowdfunded increasing steps untill a final huge art and stuff update plus script is added (before this step complete there is already trust from others so they would fund this huge stepp if gone so far).
-after got the necessery crew is probably 2 programmer plus 1 for website (maybe one of the two), 1 for sound effect stuff (perhaps one programmer who is not overloaded), 1 3d modelling (separate most likely), 1 2d artist (for skins separate most likely), 2 voice actors (whoever), 1 spreading the word (separate from other tasks). minimum 5 maximum 9 person. thus is the recquirement. provided they work around or not much more then 4 hours average daily for 1- or at most 2 month for the initial phase and if successfull then more onwards.

if u would like to join but unable to work such amount of hours on average u may post a topic? since no multipoll options then its maybe comment anyway.

game will be on some stages playable from website (low quality video stream but ok enough) watching gameplay demos. all done using registration with free sms service identification and telephone number id. for a telephone number limited ammount of time is needed free to try with limited ammount of gameplay or only watching gameplay videoes.

AFTER FIRST MONTH OF DEVELOPMENT.. THERE IS SOMETHING TO SEE, AND AT JUST THIS POINT SPREADING THE WORD IN WORDS IS PROBABLY NOT GOOD IDEA.. BECAUSE THIS WAY THEY ONLY THINK THEY ALREADY GOT SOMETHING SIMILAR, BUT WHEN THEY SEE PRETTY GRAPHICS AND SOUND EFFECTS THEN THEIR IMAGINATION IS CATCHED EVEN THOUGH THERE ARE PROBABLY SIMILAR GAMES (because a text for them means they see text but not stuff.. but they know there is such stuff wich they already look for so they turn to this other stuff, when they see stuff, they see it is something similar they already like so they like this stuff too unless it has a major flaw compared to the other.. then it depends on improvements over the other).

The first month is a small step sorta.. limited amount of objects added etc.. just make these added pretty have some uniqueish function perhaps.. pretty sounds pretty graph.. perhaps testable on website or maybe only gameplay video. then not only forums being verified by the forumverifier guy but also words spread regarding this video game. and the website/youtube channel or whatever.

BTW, u may make a poll on website to find out how people found your company. i myself found it looking for game flamethrowers (as those i found in other games were mostly crap except the japanese made smod one for halflife 2 wich was very good but only some parameters crappy in the implementation.. otherwise all else was basicly trash in one way or another).

Author:  mzoltan22 [ Mon Sep 16, 2013 12:21 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Crowdfunded video game?

i make some ideas or directions adding these gradually as funding happens or steps of development procedes.. other then that. i would contribute with
-programming (game logic/editors) later on mixed with engine programming stuff

and if needed one of these following:

-3d modelling
-sound effects

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