What about some farming?
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Author:  mzoltan22 [ Sun Apr 13, 2014 10:21 am ]
Post subject:  What about some farming?

something like chicken plus some vegearianish things only aging animals preferably larger eaten as their life is ending.

also some sorta variable feeding habbit of sorts. I am considering myself chickens as they allegedly are efficient more then beef.

perhaps some primitive sea creatures wich are not-deadly enough for consumption.. maybe thsoe star things their lims maybe cut off from them bodies every once in a while and this eaten.. then they grow it back.. if its coool.

i was considering good design to be designed but it is not yet complete.. although i am striving.

i am considering for chickens to insulate them from rampant uncontrolled precipitation (udner some sorta scaffolded nylon thingy, some trench around them and the air thingies are made so that there is no permission for wind to blow right in only wind can go in on one hole then take a narrow turn.. diffuse with other air things according to internal fan if needed.. and then go out on another place. so its pretty fine. then separate quarters in case of disease if and when (so 8 chicken 1 rooster i was thikning not sure.. perhaps if it is needed to have rooster for chickens to be happy.. this rooster would have done surgery to remove semen.. however.. it is possible that fertilization takes quite a lot of time outside the body or that is no embrio is present wich could have any nervous system)).

now i got to see al lthe sorta things they need to eat wich are easy to grow but giving sufficient nourishment.. quite possibly will look into their behaviorchanges and do some experiments with simple things wich can resist weather.. perhaps some of it processed somehow (fibers removed.. to create some sorta.. "fake-grains" because grains have lesser fibers and more nourishment thins compared to leaves and such).

so i would then consume eggs and then also possibly a mixture of other plants such as soy i guess, then wheatgrass as well as other stuff although some of it maybe allergic but none to me so far.

i would also like to make them educated so their shit is easily cleaned.. without bothering myself much.. but being birds with relatively short intestines and so forth.. they shit all over the place where they walk. so maybe i teach them not to. by having a place with some nice variety of things and so they crap there into some sorta canal or i dont even know yet... then it dries.. so it is easier cleaned.


So basicly, i was thinking that i should instead make plant only thingies only make the processing very good like i dont even know some sorta thing.. and then everything removed.. some sorta starch thing removed.. separatedfrom larger molecules or i dont know.. then i dont got to work with shit of animals at all but this is also why birds are good their sheet dries and its all fine then.

if i cover their place they are also protected from disease or raptors.

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