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Author:  Blade sword [ Wed Jul 02, 2014 2:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Original weapons ideas

The goal of this thread is for people posting only original weapons. what I call original is weapons with original functions or even original alts even if they are kind of standardish guns on the basis.

why am I asking for originality ? because BW is already full of standard weapons we have most of the normal assault guns, machine guns, pistols shotguns and rifles.

The Ideas have to fill up an attack type / possibility of attack that isn't well covered with the current weapons. I currently have sawn some people posting actual original ideas which I'm grateful for as expanding BW is a bit about making original stuff

I will post a couple of mine more or less soon

The ideas must be told about their functions and how do you think it will improve the gameplay of BW
The weapon doesn't need to do damage or be the most devastating device in the world, it needs to fill something.

The presentation must follow as Weapon Name (possibility to add a generic name around if you want to tell what the weapon basically is)
What it does for each fire modes, give situations where the gun is useful, what makes it skillful, fun and/or strategical

And if you like add a design of your choice, some RP of your liking.

Author:  SX [ Wed Jul 02, 2014 4:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Original weapons ideas

There isn't really a silenced sniper rifle (and before you say the VSK-42, that's more of a tranquilizer gun than a true sniper rifle), and there's not enough bolt action weapons out there, so why not have both?

This is a sniper rifle I made for a friend, but I can use it for a BW Weapon idea.

It is a bolt action, internally suppressed sniper rifle that demands high precision, with head shots being the only area that can get a one hit kill (unarmored) areas like the body, legs, arms require two or more shots to kill depending on armor. But it doesn't make much noise and while it's cycle rate isn't as fast as the R78 or R98 Hunting rifle, it doesn't need to be reloaded after every shot like the M98.

As for the scope, I imagine the reticule would be like this:

The magazine hold 5+1 rounds, and takes a bit to reload.

Oh and the name? It's nickname is Elonkorjaaja, meaning "Reaper" in finnish. But A generic name would be the GX-92 Silenced Sniper Rifle.

Author:  Blade sword [ Thu Jul 03, 2014 3:51 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Original weapons ideas

Okay, a bolt action sniper that is silenced, I won't complain or anything as there is none made yet; except one of my models does exactly that; but is semi automatic...
We will see about it. Though I would like to see something more ground breaking than this to tell you.
I'm sure you have something more original than this.
I mean Try either generic gun with original alt or completely original weapon with a function that doesn't exist in BW.
I don't know like having it using supersonic rounds and make one of the fire modes being either super sonic and the other subsonic so you can swap between stealth or more combative mode if you are spotted just on swap of a click.

Pri -> shoots subsonic
Alt -> shoots supersonic

And as for the reason of this mean of work is that the weapon remove a lot of pressure from the bullet to reduce bullet power and then making it subsonic, but allow super sonic mode for armor penetration and power of the target requires it.

Author:  SX [ Thu Jul 03, 2014 7:13 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Original weapons ideas

I do think we have lots of semi auto sniper rifles (X83-A1, FSSG-50, M2020, R9), but that's just me. :?

As for the supersonic mode, what if it was an undermount rifle? With the main rifle firing subsonic .308 rounds while a single shot super sonic 5.6x50mm Magnum Cartridge?

Author:  Baryonyx [ Thu Jul 03, 2014 8:21 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Original weapons ideas

Ah a good idea this thread. I have made some weapon designs a while ago together with a friend which I think would be interesting for BW.

The first one:
BAINnSLY "Amputator" Sawgun 543.

Shoots sawblades similar to the well-known ripper with the use of railgun-like magnetic rails, much like a maglev train works. The yellow part is the battery, but potentially one could make it so it can charge a disc with electricity so it would do more damage or home in on enemies or something like that for alternate fire.

Number two:
BAINnSLY "Crucifier" Boltgun 8017.

Shoots bolts with barbs that unfold once they hit the target so they stick to it and can hardly be removed. Again the yellow part is the battery but could be used to charge bolts with electricity as secondary fire or boost firing speed or something similarly useful.

Number three:
BAINnSLY Trollem-4330 Magspitter.

Shoots standard assault rifle magazines in an arc for teammates that are enclosed and in distress but could do some damage if fired against somebody's head. :P
The yellow battery is once again doing the job, but alternate fire could throw it farther or with more speed.

Sorry for the giant pictures, I looked for a thumbnail code but didn't find one...

Author:  Blade sword [ Thu Jul 03, 2014 9:05 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Original weapons ideas

Now we are talking sir.
This is the kind of things we are searching and willing to do.
Original concepts with original functions.
Continue with such ideas ;) and don't mind going for the crazy

@Storm, yes we have a lot of semi auto Rifles but we have also a cheer amount of Bolt action ones, it's pretty much ranged on the same level if you ask me
As you know we search about original ideas, we can make a silenced sniper with that integrated silencer and being bolt action, but I would like to see something that the actual BW guns doesn't do in the actual ideas. I'm sure you can post interesting concepts ;)
We have a lot of sniper rifles that snipes, we have a lot of assault rifles that assault, etc ...

Author:  SX [ Thu Jul 03, 2014 9:58 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Original weapons ideas


OK, here's another idea:

This is a quad barreled shotgun, kinda like the Elephant Gun from Bioshock 2's multiplayer, but instead firing slugs or shot of some kind, rather it shoots shrapnel, kinda like the flak cannon of sorts. But what will make it stand out is a mounted crossbow on top that shoots sticks of TNT.

I would think that the player would light the fuse of the TNT before firing, sending the stick out a short distance before bouncing with a 4 second fuse (or shorter/longer depending on the balance).

It would look like a blend between the Mule Shotgun from Resistance: Burning Skies- ... Mule_3.jpg And the Quad Barrel Elephant Gun from Bioshock 2's Multiplayer: ... antGun.jpg

And the name could be the QTN-4 Quad Barrel shotgun.

Author:  Blade sword [ Thu Jul 03, 2014 10:52 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Original weapons ideas

Those are more interesting :handgestures-thumbupright:
Feel free to post more ;)

Author:  SX [ Thu Jul 03, 2014 12:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Original weapons ideas

Got one more idea. And it took me a bit to make the model for this weapon in PMG. But I think you'll like it.

RVX-56 Combat Rivet Gun

Company: Bailey and Scot (B&S) Tools

Primary Fire: Rivet Fire at 700RPM

Alt Fire: Turns the welder on to superheat the rivets, increasing damage, but lowers range and damage at longer ranges (due to the nails cooling down mid flight). Can be turned off.

Magazine Size: 50 rivets in a belt fed drum magazine.


Originally under the name RVWD Rivet Gun, this was designed for engineers to not only put rivets into combat space ships, but weld pieces of metal together as well, two tools for the price of one. The first 200 rivet guns were sent to the Oriphyia colony at sector 4 to repair the damages after a Skrith armada ravaged the dome colony. As the engineers began to repair the colony, they found that the rivets didn't pierce the thick steel and the welder didn't generate enough heat to fuse metal together. However, when the Skrith returned to finish the job on Oriphyia, the Engineers had to fight or die. With the Rivet gun in their hands, they not only found that the rivet guns penetrated the advanced energy armor of the Skrith, but when the rivets were used in conjunction with the attached welder, the heated rivets ripped apart their alien enemies and forced them to retreat.

After hearing of the miracle on Oriphyia, B&S Tools repurposed their rivets guns as combat rivet gun, renaming the tool to the RVX-56 Combat Rivet Gun and sending 50 to the UTC Troops in hopes to rake in the money during the conflict.

Author:  Blade sword [ Fri Jul 04, 2014 4:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Original weapons ideas

I would like to see more from you people, the ideas starts to be excellent.
Just one thing to know about we need a full list and then we will select the stuff and combine that whenever it's possible.

Think about solid concepts, alternate weapons that can actually complement the main one Works too

I have an example to tell.
SMG with bolo launcher
First function is your average SMG, but this one is like the XMk5 not dual wieldable.
The bolo launcher however is ideal in corridors as it have a wide horizontal attack perfect to cut heads or inflict damage in line to multiple targets before finishing them with the SMG, the bolo launcher is a 10 gauge shotgun with an exotic round with two balls attached with a wire
Special is a laser sight
This is an example of not that original with an original attack still.

An other example with pure original weapon system of my creation
Beam Cannon.
Primary fire: charge a lot of energy and then release a powerful wide beam causing a tremendous amount of damage, the beam stops after a short while and the weapon needs to cool down
Secondary fire: Shoots flying cutting rings standing vertical at moderate speed.
Special Generates a short range multiple attack circular beams around the player, cool down after being used before firing the weapon again.

weapons can be anything ;) as long as at least half of them does something original.

Author:  Blade sword [ Sat Jul 05, 2014 5:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Original weapons ideas

Considering the ideas we are retaining for now
Nailgun/Rivetgun is one of them
We aren't sure about that shotgun / xbow combo but there is a room in a way for such weapon
Ammo / mag launcher, is quite interesting although I would like to make it have additional purposes, but I like the idea.

People aren't forced to post designs though, but the ideas with how they work is required.

Don't forget about the type of attack the weapons do. I mean in the ideal avoid using twin weapons systems with attacks that performs the same thing

for example if primary ammo does simple line, then alt must have something extra or different than simple line. Also don't forget about alts with that regenerating ammo thing or make your ammunition have more than one purposes if you can.

An other thing to avoid is having alts being melee (though if the weapon have a special melee thing just mention it as melee and what it uses for this, for example if I say I want a rocket propelled chainsaw, I add melee chainsaw, but I should try to add an interesting alt fire to it), having something else than a scope is also a great plus. If you plan on using alternate launchers for classical weapons, fine, but try to be creative on what they launch. Think about the energy and magical stuff as well

Author:  Cygnus [ Sat Jul 05, 2014 5:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Original weapons ideas

Some people already know some of my weapon ideas, but I bring MOAR!

8) BQ-888 "Shapeshifter" Turret Deployer

(Based in the Cybot Launcher from the UT99's mod Nali Weapons 3)

Type: Two-Handed, Nano-based Assembler/Disassembler Autonomous Weaponry

Description: Your team is a bunch of newbies that only hurt their eyes with the scopes and kill his comrades in an uncontrollable friendly fire? Your support team decided take vacations and you are the only armed guy in town? Do you feel alone and forgotten? That's DA SOLUTION!

The BQ-ate-hound-dread-ate-tee-ate possess a mass of auto-replicant nanofactories inside, and a computer device with a lot of schematics. The user can choose among Automatic MGs, Fire Turrets, Rocket Turrets, LMG Quadrotors, Heat-Seeker Kamikazes, Strontium-90 Generators, Plasma Dome Shields and the Mighty Singularity Vortexes (MSV). The weapon realign the nanites, beginning the assembly very quickly. When it finishes, it propells the product and it affixes to the first surface it touches. The Quadrotors will cover the player, the Kamikazes will afloat near the player and it will guide themselves to the first enemy on sight, and the MSVs will float in the air, absorbing all enemies to its point of singularity.

Primary Fire: Shoot a configurated turret type
Secondary Fire: Change the schematic
Special Fire: Re-absorb the turret, repairing it, and throw back to its position (Use regenerating ammo)

Technical Data: Very low RoF, Mid range. Turrets Health/Ammo Used: MG=150/1, Fire=200/2, explodes when destroyed, RT=270/4, Quadrotors=210/8, HSK=90/12, half a FGM-70's damage upon explosion, STR-90=280/16, PDS=850/20, MSV=400/30. Max ammo: 40.

Comment: I could say that the turret deployer is the most factible "wep taht shutz moar weps" so far. In my opinion, this should be very useful in CTF, BR or ONS maps, in order to defend strategic positions, like far nodes, or "bottlenecks". BW's deployable weapons actually needs someone controlling them. Why we cannot use some intelligent mini-turrets?

9) 9T-KL "Ekpyrosis" Liquid Napalm Sprayer

Type: Two-Handed, Heavy Liquid Firethrower

Description: Fire is a MUST in all war scenarios, but not all materials are flammable. In fact, in space or underwater environments, a conventional firethrower has null potential as a offensive weapon, but this new liquid napalm-like substance, auto-oxygenated using some compounds based in the Greek Fire and with a fire point below -60°C, can ignite under water, even in outer space or oxygen-free atmospheres. Due to the low fire point of the substance, its tank is constantly refrigerated.

Primary Fire: Ejects a stream of a neon-red substance in an arc pattern.
Secondary Fire: Charges a big blob of substance, in a similar fashion than the Bio-Rifle.
Special Fire: Activates self-destruct. The weapon explodes, releasing all the remaining liquid in all directions.

Fire types:
Sticky: The liquid sticks in walls, ceiling, floors, vehicles and players.
Fluid: The liquid flows through the ground and floats underwater.

Technical Data: Very high RoF (50/sec), low recoil. Shoots in an arc pattern. The fluid burns for 10 seconds. 14 damage/sec to players, 8% of total health as damage to vehicles and 10 damage to players inside. Burning surfaces will make 12 damage to players. Clip: a liquid tank (200). When you recharge, you use the tank as a grenade automatically, and the remaining liquid inside it determines the explosion. Due to its unstable nature, you must get rid of the remaining liquid every time you recharge.

Comment: Most weapons in BW are based in shooting solid objects or in energy exchanges, but liquid weaponry adds another variable in the strategic function. A sticky/fluid flamethrower (or any liquid substance) lets you use the architecture of any map as a tactical element. Burn the walls and floor in a narrow hallway, set enemies' vehicles afire, shoots from a high position, pour havok from a slope, sticks enemies on flammable goo, and watch your ammo! No more vulnerability when recharging, use your own clips as a weapon!

10) KV-S "Akasha" Ethereal Guided Explosive Impulsor-Repulsor

Type: Heavy Vacuum-powered Topologic Cluster Launcher

Description: What is this? Well, the KV-S take the Rocket Launcher concept to a higher level. It launches a "cluster" of unstable matter, similar in shape to a conventional rocket, but more eliptic. The "topologic" adjective is because the cluster can pass through any surface, including walls, floors, ceilings and ground, to its objective. No physical matter can interpose between the cluster and the enemy. Due to the heaviness of the weapon itself, it only can carry 2 projectiles.

Are you in a middle of an airstrike? Use the topologic cluster like a repulsor field, and watch the missiles lose their way. Your repulsor field can repel other clusters, as well as grenades, explosive shells and bomb suiciders! Never go home without a KV-S!

Primary Fire: Shoots the cluster.
Secondary Fire: Emits a repulsor field.
Special Fire: Changes scope mode, from normal vision, X-ray vision, and a detailed vision (Transparents all but the enemies, and inform about their distances to the player). Locks automatically over enemies aimed in 3 seconds (similar to the classic UT2004's Rocket Launcher locking)

Technical Data: Low RoF, 120 damage, hig recoil. Low area damage (it's a weapon intended for 1 kill). Repulsor field: ~30m radius. Recharge time: 8,8 seconds. Clip:2, Max ammo: 8. Limited range.

Comment: Another twist to a classic concept. An ethereal rocket that pursues you through any cover. An excellent weapon for these labyrinthine maps or these annoying Raptor pilots. This weapon may or may not be OP, but all depends of the parameters. The most important is the concept. Ethereal enemy-seeking rockets and repulsor fields. Great combination! :D

Author:  Valkyrja [ Sat Jul 05, 2014 10:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Original weapons ideas

I once wrote a concept of a nailgun, but i lost the file.
the gun shoots nails with compressed air, and had two flat iron plates on the end connected to pistons. the nails are loaded like common nailguns (in strips, like staples)

the backstory is that the gun was used in wood-related works (the piston flat face was used when the nails didnt go all the way in, the piston would be charged then released to hit the nail) and a terrible incident, a workplace massacre, brought the idea to take it to the field. it was improved for the field, like adding iron sights. the pistons worked like the old nailgun, only it had spikes for extra damage.

the main fire would obviously fire the nails (not very good range, but highly lethal mid-close range headshots)

the alt fire would be the piston thing do like the impact hammer from UT

I might or might not post more detailed info later. (and a pic too)

so basically, its a replacement of the shield gun of ut2k4, as said above nails doesnt do much damage on body or long range, but medium-close range is better and headshots are deadly. yes, like the imact hammer or the shield gun, you can use it to jump higher, but it wont do as much damage to you like the shield gun does.

Author:  Blade sword [ Mon Jul 07, 2014 8:15 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Original weapons ideas

Continue with the ideas, it's not because I say nothing about what we take and what we don't that we aren't doing anything with what you are posting. We need a maximum amount of ideas and consider that we will take them in consideration.

1/ If you use a even normal projectiles or energy make them at least have a special attack
2/ Don't mind being overboard and think that the gun can even use multiple projectiles to make a special attack or the projectile can have something happening to it. BW have technological and magical weapons so don't forget that :)
3/ The attack type is also good to know, does your weapon can do damage over time, is it hitscan, can it do ricochets, how much, does it put stuff on the ground that can do something against your enemy, is it only made for disable (not hearing things, blinding)
4/ how it improves the gameplay

I would like to know how does it improve the gameplay of BW in your opinion.

Author:  SX [ Mon Jul 07, 2014 10:07 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Original weapons ideas

For the Combat Rivet gun, I did think up of a few extra features for it.

- While Heated Rivets do extra damage at the trade for less range and damage over range, normal rivets can bounce off of hard surfaces like wood, metal, etc for one time. It does lose it's kinetic energy, resulting in lower ranges. But it can hit enemies that aren't in direct sight if used properly.

- While the heater/welder is on, you can run up to enemies and do small increments of damage over time.

- Heated rivets would light up fuel patches.

- The weapon can fire in semi auto too.

Author:  Blade sword [ Mon Jul 07, 2014 4:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Original weapons ideas

That's things we want to read when you conceive a weapon. :handgestures-thumbupright:

It's important to know that we want to bring much more than a new weapon model with new animations to play with and have something different than stats as a difference. ;)

Author:  SX [ Mon Jul 07, 2014 5:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Original weapons ideas

*nod* Indeed.

Trying to think of other idea I could add on to the combat rivet gun.

Author:  Blade sword [ Fri Jul 11, 2014 11:10 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Original weapons ideas

Give a try, anyways this thread is made to sum up all original ideas that people come with, considering that we plan to apply the ones we find useful and original.
Mostly that there is ideas that we haven't thought by ourselves because we can't think about everything ;)

Author:  SX [ Fri Jul 11, 2014 6:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Original weapons ideas

Well, I decided to remake my Silenced Sniper Rifle idea, with a new twist. :nod:

SER-31 Sniper Rifle

Company: Hunz Hunters HQ

Primary: Fires Subsonic .338 Lapua Magnum Rounds with a bolt action rate of fire. Takes two shots anywhere except the head, which is one hit kill territory unarmored. Armored takes 2 hits to the head, 3 anywhere else.

Alt: Fires the undermount laser net launcher in two settings:

Trap: The net will wrap around any enemy within it's short ranged path, stopping them in their tracks and disabling movement for a few seconds, this is useful for making a get away, killing them (but they can fire back), stopping the flag/ball carrier and gimping their jumps over hazards. Will dissipate after a set range.

Kill: The net will cut through any enemy in close range, killing them instantly. As the net disperses, it will lose damage, but can potentially hit more enemies. Dissipates after a set range.

Both settings will drain the weapon after one shot, so it will need to have a new battery inserted.

Special: Switches between Trap and Kill Modes on the Net Launcher.

Zoom: Brings up the scope, which has up to 4x zoom up to 10x zoom. The reticule would look like this:

Mag count: 9


Designed as the ultimate hunter's sniper rifle, the SER-31 was Hunz Hunters HQ's was their first and last attempt to make their stake in the war against the Skrith. The Bullpup, Internally Supressed, Bolt Action Sniper rifle is chambered in the .338 Subsonic Lapua Round, made to take a Skrith down without anyone hearing within 70 feet, but when the Hunz heard of the Krao and Cyron's, they quickly made an underbarrel attachment for it. The LAZNET-4 Laser Net Launcher was designed for not just anti-Krao/Cyron use with it's "Kill" feature, but it could also trap anyone within it's net. But after trying it against a captured Skrith, the net wore out after a few seconds and caused the Skrith to kill the officials of Hunz Hunters with it's bare hands. Unequipped, the company fell, but not before sending a few hundred to UTC Defense Tech.

Author:  Cygnus [ Sun Jul 13, 2014 2:06 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Original weapons ideas

The net launcher reminds me to the WH40k Warp Spiders' Death Spinner, a monofilament gun.

I really like this kind of non-conventional weaponry.

A short concept right now:

11) VMP-1 "Blooddrencher" Drainer

Type: One-handed, Strange semi-organic retrofuturistic gadget?

Description: When a weapon meets Dracula in a cold night, these kind of abominations can born. The VMP-1 uses the own holder's health as ammo. Just let the VMP-1 attach to your arm, aim and steal the life force of all your enemies in the yard! No more flammable healing devices, borrow some of their bloody electrolites and cure yourself.

The enemy is near? Use the leech-blade attached and drain 'til the last drop of energy! You can transfer part of your life to your commies, but watch out! Don't give your life and make yourself a martyr, VMP-1 has no death insurance included!

Primary Fire: Shoot a leech vector.
Secondary Fire: Use leech-blade (melee).
Special Fire: Degrade the weapon (it's organic!). Cures you for 50 health.

Technical Data: Low recoil, low rate of fire. High range (May or may not include a scope). Can pass through some vehicles, (Manta, Scorpion, Hellbender). Each shot uses 10-16 health. Absorbs 15-25 health, 7-18 if the enemy is armored (Transference rates are the same) and half enemy's health if the blade is used (Kill instantly if the enemy is below 50 health). Can overpass max health, draining itself 1 point/sec until the 199 barrier is reached. Not dual-wielded.

Comment: That's a really weird weapon, but is useful in a pletora of ways. Helpful and risky. If you have below 10 health and succeded, you live. If not, you die (count as suicide). Actually a more dramatic version of the classical russian roulette. Hit the flag stealer and take his/her life, literally. Use in emergency cases and enjoy satiating your transilvanian hunger.

Author:  Blade sword [ Sun Jul 13, 2014 11:16 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Original weapons ideas

Interesting stuff really, these come along I like the idea of the net gun alt really and the leecher.
We like when you display imagination :)
Continue guys ;)

Author:  SX [ Sun Jul 13, 2014 12:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Original weapons ideas

Rainstorm Rocket Launcher

Company: SRPA Tech

Primary: Fires a rocket, but when the rocket reaches a certain distance, the rocket splits into 30 drunken mini rockets, with low damage. If the rocket hits someone or something, it'll create a bigger explosion.

Alt: Fires a rocket into the air and sends a glowing beam down. Holding the alt fire down will keep the beam going until the button is released. When it is, mini rockets come down like a rainstorm from the top down. Useful for cleaning up enemies or vehicles.

Mag Size: 2

I can't think of a backstory at the moment, but this is what it would look like: ... _rfom1.jpg

Author:  Blade sword [ Tue Jul 15, 2014 2:43 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Original weapons ideas

Nice Rocket shower :handgestures-thumbupright:

I will try to put an idea of mine, however, people shouldn't be surprised about it's low transportation capabilities.

The "Grinder" - (Fan Launcher) (the obvious inspiration is U4E Airblast)

Primary Fire: Blows Air forward (Launch the fan if alt fire is active and at optimal speed launch).
Alt Fire: Blows air rearwards
Special: None
Fire Modes: 0° - 45° - 90° Orientation

This weapon is designed to be an indoor combat weapon and can work as an air movement enhancer.
It's enhancing capabilities are close of the one of a parachute without the ability to go anywhere on the map by using the fan as a propulsion device
It does also blows people out from veryshort range and slow them down if the range is a bit longer or impede them to get up to melee contact.
The weapon only holds one fan and can launch only one fan at a time.

Author:  Cygnus [ Fri Jul 18, 2014 10:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Original weapons ideas

Once upon a time, there was an army of ten thousand men, armed with forks, at war against another realm, with another army of ten thousand men, armed with spoons. That was the most long and gruesome battle ever. In a world with no military engineering, three excruciating millennia had passed til the the last soul met its maker. Nobody won, only scraps of rusted metal scattered over the ground, no man would live to tell their history. Except me. The renegade that used a improvised onager in my wrist.

12) RAW "Soulrapture" Energy-Matter Exchanger

Type: Auto-improver Assorted Matter Coupler

Description: The RAW is the pinnacle of the multiproposite weapons. Large-scale battlefields demand well-trained and well-equipped soldiers. But carrying a pistol, a sniper, a scattergun, a LAW and, also, your meal and other heavy stuff is not wise at all. Could you carry all that weapons merged in a lighter one? Yes!

The RAW uses the miracle of quantum mechanics in order to shoot all types of ammunition when you required! From quiet .45 rounds, passing by 12 Gauge-like pellets, explosive slugs, rocket-like thrusters, precision bullets and much more! You can personalize the type of ammunition you want to shoot, changing the size, the type and the max range, and the RAW will make the magic.

Primary Fire: Shoot
Secondary Fire: Changes 1st parameter (Size)
Special Fire 1: Changes 2nd parameter (Type)
Special Fire 2: Changes 3rd parameter (Range intended)

Parameters: 1st (Short, Medium, Large, Heavy);
2nd (Standard, Explosive, Poisoned, Armor-piercing, Wall-piercing, Incendiary, Radioactive, Electric)
3rd (Scatter, Precision, Mid-Distance, Mortar, Rapid-fire)

Technical Data: Base Damage, RoF based in the 'Size' parameter. Additional damage based in the Type parameter (Multipliers: St(1), Exp(4), Poi(1 + 5% dmg/s), AP(3 to armor/vehicles), WP(0.5), Inc(5 dmg/s, spreadable), Rad(2 + 10 dmg/s), Elc(3 + 15 chain damage rebounded to 2 near objectives). Range, recoil and RoF (again) based in the 'Range' parameter. No clips. Max ammo: 1000. Variable ammo consumption, depending of the three parameters.

Comments: I'm not really sure if some like this actually might be a superweapon, but [it] will be really useful in the correct hands. A rare weapon, no doubts. A challenge in the programmer's hands and a fun tool to experiment in the player's hands.

Mental note: Do not use makeshift weapons in order to counteract my shitty English.

Author:  Blade sword [ Sat Jul 19, 2014 1:06 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Original weapons ideas

Don't mind the fact I do have a shitty English and I'm the least person to do it because I understand people who simply doesn't have English as their first language :D

I don't dislike the idea of swiss knife weapons, but I think you should better try to make it with a single element in mind rather that making a all in one without much functionality unless I'm mistaken.

I mean the only thing your weapon can do is shoot something according the various settings, so it may work with a weapon with a scope as Aim intends to make it use whatever sight the weapon actually have, but when you seek about other functions it may simply don't work second what i see :think:

Also what will happen with all those functions, does all of them will be useful in the battlefield ?
I don't see it as a super OP gun, it can be op if we make its attacks OP, but actually it's more something that is actually able to fill any role rather than something that will destroy the entire map and cause the apocalypse.
I would like to see this weapon do what the other weapons doesn't do if you see what I mean, challenging the programmers it will certainly do to an extent but I wonder what will happen to the gun when we change functions I mean does the model is variable, give example of settings with their effects, that would be interesting.

There is a lot of things that you should develop in your idea. I would like to get creative examples here ;)

Though continue with the ideas. I think you should develop this one if you don't mind and people continuing with the suggestions.

Author:  Cygnus [ Sun Jul 20, 2014 10:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Original weapons ideas

That's correct, now that I think, this weapon is so... bland. Let's improve it.

> Welcome to WeaponTune v6.4
> Press any key to continue
> Y
> Insert user and password
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Well, improving this model means change some stuff inherently to design and capabilities.

The "Soulrapture II" RAW will be a multi-proposite energy weapon.

Only two parameters: Type and Modifier.

Modifiers will be Incendiary, Poison, Electric and Radioactive. Incendiary will set enemies on fire, Poison, it's obvious, poison targets, Electric does extra damage, dazzle and reduce movement, and Radioactive contaminates players, emiting low and constant radiation and disintegrating the armor. A camo version would have dual modifiers or all at once.

What kind of energy could shoot the Soulrapture II? The normal weapon types are, in succint terms, sidearm (pistols, revolvers, handguns), spread (shotguns, pelletguns, scatterguns), long-range (snipers, battle rifles), assault (submachineguns to gatling guns), throwing/propelling (grenade launchers, mines, and rockets).

The main idea is to scheme those "types" in the weapon with something special or unusual.
Sidearm is the first and most simple. Needs a twist. Oh! Bouncing "bullets". Like lasers in mirrors, the bouncing bullets can travel through tunnels and narrow spaces, reaching the enemies easily, or attack those annoying campers in closed curves or behind cover, in obtuse angles. This scheme includes a mirror scope, shoots a laser and you will see all the points (max: 8) where the bullet will rebound through it, and nobody will see the laser. No more campers and no more treacherous laser pointers revealing your position. 2 by 1.

Spread needs something radical. What about, a "precision shotgun-like weapon"? The attack range of a classic shotgun can be sketched in a cone pattern. We could stretch the cone, augmenting the range, but... And if we change the cone with a "funnel" pattern? Like this:

fig 1. I suck drawing, forgive me
_______|-------cylinder pattern-------|--cone pattern--|

Add a scope and voilà! The first precision shotgun in da BW's history.

Long-range weps are full of sniper rifles. Bolt-action, semi-automatic, automatic, super-automatic, etc. All these weapons are designed for one shot, one kill, to be 'precise' (LOL). Most people only can see a trail, connecting the gunslinger and his/her infortunate victim. The trail... (idea) WOW! The Trail! Of C(o)urse! A laser-like sniper, but with a deadly and durable trail! Like a motionless, mortal limbo stick. You can create death walls, cordon-like traps and let a trace that remember your perfect skills as a tactical sniper. OH! Add area damage to the shot, and you have the most useful sniper rifle EVAH!

Assault weapons came in all kind of forms. But short caliber guns can only hit 1 enemy at the same time, and the piercing ammo is very expensive. Being energy, needs improvement. Chain attacks. Shoot a guy in his face, and the "bullets" will seek a near enemy, dealing less damage. You can chain up to six enemies with one burst! Useful shooting groups of enemies, killing twins or inseparable friends.

Throwing/propelling weapons, the last of the list. Could you shoot the most powerful explosive saws in the world? Of course you can. These saws can pierce walls, cutting, ripping and making its way through any surface, hitting enemies and exploding. You can configure the range (less range = more powerful explosions; more range= more surfaces pierced) and see the bloody remnants through the X-ray scope. The saws are guided in a similar fashion than the AVRiL, and you can stick and "bury" inside walls as proximity mines.

You can divide the schematics in individual weapons if the multi-proposite doesn't convince you ;)

Author:  Valkyrja [ Tue Aug 05, 2014 9:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Original weapons ideas

I really wanna add more, but right now i don't have the inspiration to do so.
One more energy rifle wouldn't hurt...

SEBR-57 ("Snake" Energy Battle Rifle)
Company: White Fire Industries

Primary fire: Shoots energy, depending on fire mode:

-Semi Auto: the shots are somewhat strong (20 damage on the body unarmored, 60 on the head), the projectile is invisible and it hits instantly. Can be fired at 180RPM and waste 2 ammo per shot. Has little recoil and chaos.

-Charged Fire: the shot is very strong (can pierce through armor, 100 damage on body, 200 on the head), the shot is visible (like a straight line, it stays visible for 1.2 seconds) compromising your camping spot, and has a charge time of 4 seconds. Waste 10 ammo per shot. Has recoil and chaos.

Secondary fire: when holding down the altfire button for 2 seconds, it can be thrown on the floor, where it acts as a proximity mine. when deployed, it's camouflaged like a pickup, but a red light blinks and a weak beep can be heard every 4 seconds. when activated, the rifle beeps three times rapidly, then detonates, causing deadly damage to the victim. If the victim survives, its briefly blinded and slowed down. If the detonating system is disarmed the weapon can be retrieved.

No special fire ATM.

Mag capacity: 60 energy ammo, not rechargeable.
Zoom: 2x to 10x square lens, not picky on the reticule.

The SEBR-57, the first full energy weapon from White Fire Industries, made for medium and long range scenarios. Designed to be a more economic alternative to long range rifles by reducing ammo cost, the SEBR-57 was a success for both the company and the users of the weapon, by using energy mags it reduced the weight of the mags, and the chances of the weapon to malfunction. The rifle had great feedback from buyers from across the universe. It's one of the few weapons from the company to make an appearance on the skrith war, but it didn't influence much as the other weapons present.

Use it's proximity mine function wisely, because you lose the weapon in the process


*The mags with different colours changes the color of the energy fired, could be added as a camo (like recolors). Blue is default.
*The piston is extended when you fire with the charged shot, it's like a cooling system for the weapon (the weapon is fired, the piston is extended releasing hot air, then the piston slowly go back to place, introducing air to the weapon to "cool down", while the weapon charges the next shot).

Any thoughts?

Author:  Cygnus [ Thu Aug 07, 2014 11:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Original weapons ideas

<insert introductory joke here>
How do you turn this on?

13) F+H 340 "Reaper" Battle Rifle

Type: Two-Handed, Cognitohazardous Device

Description: The F+H was a experimental device developed by the Nghleir, a strange nematode-like lifeform located in NGC 7092, an open cumulus near Cygnus constellation. The F+H, recovered by UTC, was slighty improved in order to ease accuracy. When the user kills an enemy with the F+H, activates a ETF (Energy Transference Process) between the enemy and the weapon itself. This energy enhances the firepower, augmenting the damage in a 15-20% its original value per kill. This damage increase is apparently unlimited, but it resets if the user is killed.

The F+H includes a Feigenbaum-grade Portable Memetic Threat (FPMT), a "grenade" that projects a cognitohazardous holo-image. Produces constant damage when it's seen, damaging brain functions and circuitery.

Primary Fire: Shoots a quantic cluster. When reaches an enemy, a red-blue corkscrew traill will connect the enemy and the weapon, a signal of increased damage.
Secondary Fire: Drops a FPMT.

Technical Data: Low RoF, Scoped. Low dmg (at the beginning), ignore armor. Progressively augmenting the damage in a 10-20%. Mid recoil, infinite ammo. The FPMT causes damage if it's visible in the FoV. 25 damage/sec. Max ammo: 5. Lifespan: 12 seconds. Cannot affect teammates.

Comment: Another strange weapon. First, it's like a "wep that rewards u when u use it", being weak at first, becoming more and more powerful with each kill, and an innovative grenade concept. Not explosive, not radioactive, not incendiary. If you see the image, you will die. Like a directional flash grenade, but without blinding lights.

14) HG-51 "Faust" Trapmaker

Inspired in some ways in the GMod's tools

Type: Two-Handed, Trap Teleporter-Deployer

Description: Burying mines and put spike launchers activated by a hidden switch was useful in Mesoamerican temples or WWI, but in the future, the logistics were reinvented with the arrival of quantum mechanics. The satellital tele-deployment is very used by enterprises or transport, but its military employment was imminent. The "Faust" is a remote trap deployer. Putting a barbed wire could take hours in some environments, but the HG-51 can stick a monofilament barrier in a corridor in 0,4 seconds, without wasting any materials in the process. The Faust can deploy sticky acid invisible mines in wals or ground, put electric lightweight cordons between two points and generate durable tank barriers or toggling spikes. The Faust can be degraded at full ammo to produce a massive trap: the omniEMP, disabling all non-melee enemy weapons for 2 minutes.

Primary Fire: Generates a trap
Secondary Fire: Changes trap type.
Special Fire: Summon omniEMP (degrades the weapon).

Technical Data:
Traps available: (place) ammo used, deploy time, damage (observations, optional).
Monofilament barrier (corridors) 5 ammo, 0,4 seconds, 25 damage (10 damage to armor/vehicles).
Acid mine: (walls, ground) 8 ammo, 0,8 seconds, 75 damage (dissolve armor, 25% chance to disintegrate the enemy's actual weapon)
Electric cordons (two points, walls) Variable ammo, depending on cordon's length. 1 second, 35 damage, ignore armor. (30% chance of activate explosive devices, like grenades, rockets, etc.)
Tank barriers (ground) 25 ammo, 3 seconds. No damage (All ground vehicles affected, destructible: 400 damage, -50% damage received)
Spikes: (walls, ground, ceilings) 14 ammo, 2,2 seconds, 40 damage, 25 with armor. (Spikes eject by proximity, can be toggled 5 times, invisible by enemies).
omniEMP: (any) All ammo, destroys weapon, 10 seconds, 35 damage (deactivates non-melee weapons, including vehicles. 40% chance of destroy vehicles instantly).

Max ammo: 50. A holo-trap appear in the HUD when a trap is selected. Green traps can be placed in the pointed surface. Red traps aren't available in said place. The animation of placed traps is similar to the Protoss' summoned buildings.

Comment: I had the idea of a turret deployer once. On the other hand, a trap deployer is a more tactical variant of the aforementioned weapon. Actually, it can be useful in labyrinthic maps, closed environments or ONS/VCTF maps.

Author:  Blade sword [ Mon Aug 11, 2014 4:35 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Original weapons ideas

I see interesting stuff, I know it's not easy to pull off those weapons, but as we all know they require the most thought in their concepts.
Continue posting :)

Author:  Cygnus [ Sat Aug 16, 2014 9:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Original weapons ideas

More weapons for the Weapons God!

15) HF-315A1 "Lightmare" Disruptor Shotgun

Type: Two-Handed, Assault, Spread-type Inertial Weapon Device

Description: Blend a scattergun, a jetpack and a Dragonborn shouting "Fus-Ro-Dah" and the HF-315A1 will be the result. Do you want your enemies far, far away? Need some impulse? Time to take out the trash without waiting the disposal truck? This weapon is for you!

The "Lightmare" shoots 'balls' of fotonic mass, compressed in 20-Gauge-like shells, capable of moderate damage, significant area damage and a powerful knockback. In testing chambers, a 120 kg training cube was pushed 27 m with one shot. The HF-315A1 is very useful repelling infantry, pushing light vehicles and debris. If you need to jump, strafe or soft falling damage, the fotons' knockback can lend you a hand or two. You can shoot 2 shells rapidly in emergency cases.

When it's needed, the special fire convert the fotonic mass in a gravitic sphere. Opposite to a black hole, it will repel all players, vehicles and emitters in a wide area for 10 seconds. This sphere also emits lethal radiation doses (5,8-8 Sv) in alpha radiation form. Blinds all players in a 75 m radius. This effect, along with the radiation, ignore walls.

Primary Fire: Shoots a charge of fotonic mass.
Secondary Fire: Shoots twice in rapid succession.
Special Fire: (Uses all clip) Emits a white hole.

Switch Types:
Short range (more area damage and knockback)
Long range (more range and less recoil)

Technical Data: High damage, high recoil, low RoF. Very high knockback. Fotons can rebound once. As an assault shotgun, use clip. When you shoot to the ground in mid-air, you will be thrusted in the opposite direction to the weapon-ground vector (falls softened). Clip size: 12. Max ammo: 72. Design similar to Mass Effect's shotguns.

Comment: Using the knockback as a tactical element, to repel enemy waves or ease displacement across the map is an advantage in open-field maps. In very large maps, you need the velocity factor in order to reach strategic points, like central nodes or the enemy flag. In DM games, the area damage and the white hole can assure a lot of deaths with some clips.
Baby, I'm your Lightmare!

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