[ONS]A bigger, extended Tropica?
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Author:  thedutchjelle [ Wed Oct 01, 2008 8:59 am ]
Post subject:  [ONS]A bigger, extended Tropica?

Hey there!

After I played the map Tropica a few times yesterday, I realized what a bummer it was that it's kind of small, and that the matches almost always play out the same. When a team gets the middle point, it's basicly over for the other team. It's also kind of hard to customize the links between nodes with like 3 nodes.
You see those other islands nearby, but you can't get on them. Now that made me wondering:

What if 4 extra, semi-large islands were added , each one in another corner of the map. There would be a medium-to-large gap between the 'secondary' islands and the main island. If then 2 control points are added on each 'secondary' island (making like.. uh.. 11 points in total when the points of the original Tropica are left in, might be a bit much >_>).
The islands would be lush, like the main one, but the beaches facing the main island would be really open, as to promote snipering.

When only small land-based vehicles are added on the secondary islands, small wars can ensue there between the cps on those islands but it will not be possible to bring an armada of tanks from all the points to the power core because they cannot traverse the water. So you can only bring vehicles from your own base on the main island to the power core of the other team. Ofcourse there will be air vehicles, but not mantas, more like Cicadas for team based fast transport.

Anyone else like this idea? Is it clear what I said, do i need to explain more?

fyi controlpoint = powernode , been playing TF2 for to long -_-'

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