A word on Ideas...
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Author:  Captain Xavious [ Sat Aug 02, 2008 9:46 pm ]
Post subject:  A word on Ideas...

Of course, your ideas for weapons or other things are always welcome, but I'd like to give you a few tips on things.

First off, your chances of of getting ideas made by other people normally is pretty low. This is not because your ideas are bad, but often, people who do make things for video games like BW have ideas of their own they want to make. And as you may know, peoples' time is quite valuable, so said developers usually will put higher priority on their own ideas than others if the only thing you have to offer is words describing your idea. Sorry that this is true, but that is how things work.

Now, don't be losing hope and give up posting your idea. This is a community site after all! We can help each other out!

Chances are, you will be able to find something that you can contribute to the community, and if you can meet the other people part of the way there, your ideas instantly have much greater chances of being made!

Tutorials will be available that will tell you the basics of many aspects of mod development. We can help you find out what you are interested in, and you can find yourself your niche.

The more people we got doing even just a little bit, the bigger the pool of talent and ability we will have available for general use.

In the end, ideas are good, but rarely is there an idea so good that it makes a developer drop any projects (s)he's working just to do it. Offer up aomething more tangible as well and you will be much better off!

Possible skills that could be handy and possible uses for them:

Concept Artist - Base plans for level, sketches of guns, character concepts
Writer - Weapon backgrounds, descriptions, death messages
Modeler - Guns, characters, map meshes
Texture artist - Weapon skins, UI elements, weapon icons
Sound Artist - Hit effects, character voices, clipping and editing premade sounds
Code - New features, simple weapon code, weapon balance

These are just a few things that could be done, and some of them don't even require much past knowledge either, like balancing weapons. First off, you need to know what needs tweaking, then it could simply be a matter of changing numbers for damage and range, easy stuff like that, really good for a start at getting into code as well.

Simple weapon code is great too. Basically, all you need to do is copy code from existing guns, then change the model thats being used, damage, skins, stuff like that. Not very difficult.

For sound artists, I got a plethora of sound fxs readily available, much of it just simply needs to be cropped, cleaned up, or tweaked to see fit.

Some really easy things to do that could be great starts for learning the more advanced things.

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