DarkShot Weapons Pack
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Author:  Nighthawk2088 [ Wed Aug 26, 2009 12:34 pm ]
Post subject:  DarkShot Weapons Pack

The DarkShot weapons pack is something I created after wanting to make some weapons that I enjoyed playing with. I also figured I'd give something back to the community that I've used stuff from for a while now as well. These weapons are quite powerful some may be a bit unbalanced since I play with the UT2004RPG mutator and as a result a few might do too much damage without it.

If you want to see screenshots I have them all uploaded on Xfire at:

Note: I cannot model or texture to save my life so all the weapons have textures from other weapons thrown on them and the models are obviously taken from other ballistic weapons that seemed to best fit the bill for their DarkShot equivalent.

Note 2: I figured the screenshot site on Xfire was a better alternative than cluttering the topic with 43 screenshots of: One for each weapon, one for each shot, one for each shot's impact, and some additional ones for weapon specials, explosions, etc...

I still have to make sure everything I use is given proper credit to anyone's stuff I am using for the weapons. I utilize a few projectiles and fire modes from other UT2004 style weapons that I converted into BW types. Once I ensure I'm okay to redistribute a modified version of someone's source code and given them the proper credit for it I can give out a download. Until then let me know what you think of what you see so far.

Author:  Herr General [ Wed Aug 26, 2009 12:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: DarkShot Weapons Pack

Looks pretty awesome so far. :)

Author:  OCAdam [ Wed Aug 26, 2009 1:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: DarkShot Weapons Pack

Do you think you might be able to explain each weapon? They look interesting on what they are doing for firemodes, but I'd like to know a bit more on each weapon please!

Author:  Nighthawk2088 [ Wed Aug 26, 2009 8:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: DarkShot Weapons Pack

OCAdam wrote:
Do you think you might be able to explain each weapon? They look interesting on what they are doing for firemodes, but I'd like to know a bit more on each weapon please!

Of course!
Here are descriptions I've made up for each weapon (These also have a bit of a back story related to an idea of mine. Also the story is the reason why aside from a Manufacturer there is a designer for most of the weapons. Some cases there is just a creator.):

DS6 Energy Pistol||Manufacturer: Darkside Organization (Designer: CJX)|Primary: Sapphire Plasma Shot|Secondary: Laser Sight|Special: Silencer||An oddity among Darkside Weapons, the DS6 Pistol was simply developed out of the fact the Darksiders had not created a sidearm. So the team put together a small yet potent plsama pistol resembling an RS8 but with a high speed sapphire plasma shot and a much larger magazine. It includes a laser sight as well. The silencer doesn't really do much for a plasma pistol but one of the engineers kept it just for kicks.

DSK7 FireStorm||Manufacturer: Darkside Organization (Designer: Sarah)|Primary: Fireshot|Secondary: Laser Sight||The DSK7 FireStorm was created to provide a stronger alternative to the DS6 Pistol. The DSK7 is used to take out heavy armors with its flame enegry bolts. The pistol fires a high velocity fire bolt as a primary. It will explode on contact with a wall but will burn right through a combatant. This tends to catch escorts by suprise when they get burned by the weapon's shot exploding if it hits them by exploding on the ground or a wall that they are near.

The Golden Gun||Manufacturer: Darkside Organization (Designer: Nighthawk & Sarah)|Primary: Fire Golden Rounds|Secondary: Laser Sight||A successful replecation of the legendary golden gun found in an Egyptian temple long ago. This version still has a one shot kill but is equipped with a laser sight to make sure that one shot counts. (I know this one was already done but I put this together before Sgt Kelly came out with the BWBPRecolors2 pack. It has the maximum amount of damage possible without going into nullified damage. Anything over 999999 I believe causes 0 damage. Give or take a 9.)

GS-SCAR Compact Assault Weapon||Manufacturer: Darkside Organization (Designer: Nighthawk)|Primary: Select Fire Guass Rounds|Secondary: Laser Sight||Special: Engage Stock||Taking the schematics for the SAR-12, Darkside has constructed their own version and re-fitted the weapon with a compact Gauss Round Chamber. Its power and caliber set it near the Hyrda's KLS75 and with the size and ease of carrying it, make for a deadly weapon when assaulting critical areas or fighting in urban environments.

KLS75 Assault Rifle||Manufacturer: Hydra|Primary: Powerful Automatic Fire|Secondary: Scope View||Hydra is a relatively unknown company that develops assault style weapons for military organizations. The KLS75 Assault Rifle is the first weapon to be publicly released. The KLS uses powerful H.E.A.V.Y. Gauss rounds which punch through armor with little to no effort and can smash through three solid metal walls. The weapon has a Gauss Accelerator in place of a secondary attachment due to the additional power required to fire the bullets. The KLS is fit with a scope for long range firing and a laser dot for sniping accuracy. An oddity to note however is that no one knows what the H.E.A.V.Y. acronym stands for and Hyrda refuses to comment on it...

M53 Beta Rifle||Manufacturer: Darkside Organization (Designer: CJX)|Primary: Plasma Shots|Secondary: Power Plasma Grenade||Special: TX409-TV Camera||The M53 Beta Rifle is a powerful versatile weapon that only begins to exemplify Darkside's expertise and capabilities of weapon designing. The lightning fast plasma shots can rip apart soldiers with their high heat and speed. The plasma pulse grenade is used to help infantry fight against large vehicles and can obliterate a soldier due to the immense amount of energy output by the grenade. The rifle has also has a scope taking out targets from afar. With a large magazine on top of all this, the weapon's effectiveness in any situation is hard to compete with.

Photon Katana||Manufacturer: Darkside Organization (Designer: Tali)|Primary: Slash|Secondary: Prepared Slash||Special: Block||The Photon Katana is another one of Darkside's energy weapon constructs. Made purely from photons the entire blade and handle shimmer with a clear green hue. The blade only becomes dangerous when swung allowing the user to avoid scorching their own hands if they touch the blade (the handle's photons are not volitle in any manner.) Darkside soldiers are often seen carrying this or Storm Talons for melee weaponry.

R3 Pulse Rifle||Manufacturer: Darkside Organization (Designer: Tali)|Primary: Power Energy Shot|Secondary: Iron Sights||The R3 Pulse Rifle is the result of experiments with ancient weaponry and Telsa Corp's energy cell technology. Its design is similar to that of the R9 Ranger Rifle yet is a bit heavier and fires a strong and quick energy shot. It has iron sights instead of a scope and is currently undergoing testing by Darkside forces.

Storm Talons|||Manufacturer: Darkside Organization (Designer: Tali)|Primary: Fast Hacking|Secondary: Prepared Hack||Special: Block|| Another one of Darkside's energy constructs. The Storm Talons are a result of infusing raw photon energy into tempered Tarydium to make the blades. The result makes the material invisible to the naked eye except for the pulse of the blue photons. The odd nature causes opponents to be caught off guard when they see Darkside soldiers as it appears as if they are unarmed, only to be killed with a lightning fast strike from this weapon.

Valkyrie Auto-Rifle||Manufacturer: Darkside Organization (Designer: Talim)||Primary: Various Energy Attacks||Firing Modes:|Rapid Pulse|20-Round Ring Blast-Shot|Energy Bomb||Secondary: Scope with Powerful Energy Shot||Special: Night-Vision Lamp||The Valkyrie Auto-Rifle a.k.a. var is the product of Tesla Technology fused with Photon Technology by the Darkside Organization. Using the ViPeR's schematics as a base the weapon seems and feels similar to that of the ViPeR yet it is much stronger. The Emerald Energy shots deal damage within a similar range to the ViPeR but can fire quicker. It has a normal rapid plasma shot but its other two modes are quite different. The Shotgun Burst is now a 20-Round Ring Shot. It is devastating on a direct hit but requires a much larger recharge before being able to fire again. The laser mode has been replaced with a energy railbomb feature to give it an explosive attack. The bomb will explode with potent force and spew energy flak about that can cause additional damage.

DSX-Scouter||Manufacturer: Darkside Organization (Designer: Sarah)||Function: Scouter with Thermal Vision|Primary & Secondary: Scan Zoom|Special: Thermal Vision||A powerful scouter that enhances the agility of the one who is wearing it. The user can run twice as fast and leap twice as high as normal due to bio-enhancements and the lack of weapon in their hands. The device is used extensively by Darkside forces to quickly gather intel on opposing forces. This special device is embedded into the eye itself, so it will not drop off upon a death instead being destroyed to prevent recovery by enemy forces.

Z7 Meteor Cannon||Creator: DS007||Primary: Meteor Strike||Secondary: Engage Scope||Special: Hyper Thermal Vision||A weapon capable of ungodly destruction. The only known facts about this weapon are that someone by the name (most likely a code-name) DS007 created the Z7 Meteor Cannon and it now rests in the hands of another who is called DS006. A transmission about this weapon came through our comm link: Pray you do not encounter the one who holds this artifact... Anyone who encounters this weapon in the field pray to god you do not live long enough to feel its wrath *END* This has caused much unrest among Liandri's troops and the UTC. But Liandri is really the only one who "should" be worrying about anything and the one who holds this weapon...

If you want complete specifics you'd really have to see each one in action. I could throw up a video of me using them sometime later. I have been using them for a while but figured I'd share them. The only real thing left is making sure I release them without stepping on any authors (hence the reason why I haven't publicly released just about anything I do heh...) So far I only have to see FHI's requirements for re-distributing any code from the UWM weapons that they use, and also make sure Sergeant Kelly doesn't mind me using a bit of code from duplicated classes in the BWBPRecolors2 pack. Everything else just requires me to give credit and they are fine (Which I always do regardless, I don't like thieves myself and enjoy giving credit where it is due.)

Also if anyone would like to model or texture these I'd be more than happy to see anything you've got to offer.

Author:  Sergeant Kelly [ Wed Aug 26, 2009 9:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: DarkShot Weapons Pack

Just tell me which code you're using and what textures, sound, etc.

You'll need permission from the respective authors as well.

Author:  Nighthawk2088 [ Thu Aug 27, 2009 1:38 am ]
Post subject:  Re: DarkShot Weapons Pack

Sergeant Kelly wrote:
Just tell me which code you're using and what textures, sound, etc.

You'll need permission from the respective authors as well.

Of course. I don't assume I have permission for anything heh. Took care of the problems I had to. Now I just have to wait for the authors to get back to me. Sgt. Kelly I'll have to look through the code and see what I'm using from you and will list the classes I've duplicated and any sounds, textures, etc... that are explicitly used. Since I hate having to go through code like that it'll be a while before I get around to it, heh.... Don't worry though you won't see anything released until permissions are granted.

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