I have a serious artistic request
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Author:  mzoltan22 [ Mon Aug 04, 2014 4:59 am ]
Post subject:  I have a serious artistic request

modify the handle of all guns or gun scales themselves (as it is fitting) so that these large scale trigger guards are used (such as the ones on steyr AUG rifle), then these would be fitting of the hands.. perhaps even partial triggerguards on all weapons (considering it is modern skifi-thing anyway so maybe the palms would contain some rugged electronics to function as grip safety mostly.. cosidering emp, wich would fry rugged hardware would also fire the conductor human body very soon.. quite probably so).

therefore the original unrela tournament model hands are fitting all of them (i have looked and foudn the largest hand is that of at least some ome of the Liandry robots and then juggernauts).

Author:  Azarael [ Mon Aug 04, 2014 5:07 am ]
Post subject:  Re: I have a serious artistic request

That sets the new record for most pedantic BW request ever made.

Author:  mzoltan22 [ Mon Aug 04, 2014 10:20 am ]
Post subject:  Re: I have a serious artistic request

well this should be fairly easy.. i see some members are active on the area of modelling more or less.
so. only some permit is recquired from the authors and this could be done in short time.

Now i think there are no finger bones and thigns like this but perhaps there is an available high resolution pack free of charge or such for replacing the older graphics with similar higher resolution versions.

then i intend to make a modification of sort. where everything would be visible from internal perspectives. and with each weapon having a laverage and weight will possibly cause slower turnrate of the weapon whatever direction thing .. therefore heave wapons are slower to acquire target.. i also want the crosshair to simulate something like retina mounted aimer or such so then the weapon is held by the grip in the hand, and there are imaginary aimers on all the gloves (all have bigass gloves or hands or something to this effect), so then the targeting device takes some time to estimate range without sending a ray. so then if the weapon is turned to some directions and such ther will be some delay before the crosshair becomes punctual but all the shots are more or less pionting there.. ther woudl be two crosshairs.. one the shape of a larger circle obac whatever and another wich shows the actual position where the weapon is pointing. the size of the crosshair will change somewhat (some parts of it) relatd to the distance with a very large distance still producing visible crosshair aimer.. the colour will represent if it points to th edesired direction (at least some parts of it.. because the arms will take time to align, more so with increasingly heavier guns). while on the move and so forth the aimer cameras (on the gloves), take time to aim, so therefore it is expected that the crosshair is not put to the exact good positon (but the weapon points where it points shoots where it points depending on bullet punctuallity wich is reflected in the size ranges of the crosshair as well as on modifications). when the crosshair is moved the gun is moved so the crosshair disassambles into pieces, so the separate pieces of crosshair move apart (wich is not equal to growing in size).

So some new crosshairs to design then.. when there are two guns there are two crosshairs.. and a single one (wich is used to pick the target.. so the target selector crosshair and the crosshairs wich are drawn by the imaginary aiming apparatus).
if lazersign is engaged, from closer range the line of the lazer thing can be seen, and the point is otherwise very small then the crosshair doesnt disassamble because distance measurement is considered instant).

conversely when the gun is shot, the hands vibrate.. so the crosshair is slightly disassambled. (but with most terrain it is expected to remain the same regarding intended aim, so therefore the crosshair some parts may change some colour when there is no intention to move the gun much only shooting it.

the targeting lazer must be available on all weapons where it makes sense, it may have some operation modes.

1) off
2) continious (it is actually flashing a code, with autoadjustment [so it reacts to disruptive light..but i think it would never deplete batteries). **the targeting device could also measure distance feeding off information from the other precison beam weapons the light of wich cannot be blinded so much as the simple lazer targeting device (wich may have graphical effects if shun on eyes? )
3) short burst (***well the codes are only sent with a number attached to the point. apparentl it would just look like a point changing perhaps slightl in strength). in short burst mode there is lesser ammount of updates it looks like a blinking spot with intermediete speed.
4) weapon triggered (it opereates all the time when the weapon is fired.. its an option)
5) tiny burst (little more freuently sent then short bursts but much lower duration, the codes are shorter, also somewhat easier to confuse the codes are random generated numbers dependign on random implmenetation it would be modified one way or another). This is not visible without detectors used specifically (this feature maybe unimplemented).

so it would be cool to fix the unreal tournmant animation errors and create the animation of bodies to be better so there are no body parts immersing in oen another (such as for instance it is the case with the Juggernauts and axon and some others).

also i would like since it would be third person implement some better animation control system. so the aiming device should be made somewhat customized for each weapons, and melee then be available for all weapons. actually it would be cool to add scope to the deermaster rifle, and to the ranger. plus modif the railgun (something like bullpup, but magazine is loaded from the side and quite some part of the actual gun situated over the shoulder (it must be long), hanging behind the sholder somewhat (protruding backward. and the magaine loaded from the outer side (somewhat larger bullets and bulelts burn up anyway on the sides, bottom and lining of magazine reinforced somewhat.. otherwise same design in appearance.. little less thick main barrel perhaps, an something wich looks like a recoil damper (so the main upper gun part slides backwars somewhat on the damper.(damper attchment rails more on front to the sides).

the rest are all fine... it should be classified heavy.. and the muzzlflahs must be spectacular, a little more with some sparks as well (kinda like welding just more), and the bullt shoulddraw this diein g out screw trail only for a limited range (the bullet must give off some bright light/aura itself must e bright and must light things on fire, impact would be with a flash and a reddened mark on the spot).

these are some other minor atistic requests.. but now a little more (can be cosnidered like making 4 weapons with skin and model? something to this effect). i make the coding part).

perhaps 20 meter long screw effect.. but it can be scaled (who c areas about turnrate, something like 8 turns on 20 meters surely fine but 4 turns would be all the same [when scaled up, if and so]).
must be realy loud with a realy loud bang added to the sound (i may find something).


i want to make some modificatons then, but i would think it is fine what i suggest as a BW expansion.. perhaps.

in my view some weapons would be cut/converted. the skrit rifle would get the spread gun functionality (with some unpunctuality in the positoins, and somewhat thight), while the beamgun functionality of that pluse rifle horror, would be given perhaps to some other persons custom made asskicker weapon (unless they made better graphical effect).

Perhaps the new pistol (md something or such), should be modified with similar style considered as it has now to replace the large caliber ugglier gun. (this would be a good thing to consider regarding artistic modification, the sniper rifle must be replaced with a in between kind of rifle of another sort it looks kind of uggly [the lesser sniper rifles then are the other two considered to be mounted with scope].

at least in my v3369 ut with eces something there are some problems by default.. i played simply onslaught on max, some time passed and i see these reflector things or this vortices of the manta floating about here and there.. Perhaps it would be a good idea to beg for the sourcecode and ask them to realease of all the ut stuff up till 2004 included as open for whatever but using arts in commercial stuff should mean some percentage received by them artists and company)- i think it have given enough profit for them.

Author:  Captain Xavious [ Mon Aug 04, 2014 10:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: I have a serious artistic request

I think its time you learned to model, mzoltan22. Its not hard, only takes an hour or two of watching some tutorials and working alongside them. YOu should be able to accomplish this yourself pretty quickly.

Author:  mzoltan22 [ Mon Aug 04, 2014 11:03 am ]
Post subject:  Re: I have a serious artistic request

well but there are some texture arts as well for the triggers and lasers. and so forth.

i have considered learning modelling.

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