BW + BW Pack Issues
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Author:  MannMan [ Tue Nov 24, 2015 4:27 pm ]
Post subject:  BW + BW Pack Issues

After picking up the game on Steam, I recently tried to install Ballistic Weapons v25 and Sargent Kelly's Weapon Pack. However, while Ballistic Weapons worked like a charm, any other packs that I tried to add on didn't. The weapons from the packs showed up in the weapons list (models and information), but I was unable to get them to show up in the maps. What should I do?
I have tried:
-Completely reinstalling the game and BW + BW packs
-Fiddled with the load-out options in the BW settings (further experimentation needed)
I am not using BW Fix or any other versions other than the base mod which was taken from this site.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Author:  Blade sword [ Wed Nov 25, 2015 5:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: BW + BW Pack Issues

I don't know what to say but SKBP and Fix doesn't work together so normally you should get the mod working

One thing to note there is two configuration menus in BW
One for the swap system and the other for the loadout system.
Depending on which mutator you use
I don't know if it's that, but give it a try.

Author:  MannMan [ Wed Nov 25, 2015 2:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: BW + BW Pack Issues

Okay... by following your advice and messing with the tabs some more, I was able to get a new weapon to spawn on my character using the "swapping" tab. However, organizing every weapon into it's correct category will be extremely difficult. Am I supposed to do it manually, or is it supposed to automatically sort itself but something failed? If it is manual, is their an official list I can pull from?
Thanks for your help!
EDIT: Actually, I have already sorted most of the weapons, but they don't seem to spawn in deathmatch naturally.

Author:  bradjames [ Wed Nov 25, 2015 2:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: BW + BW Pack Issues

I guess manual application is better because you can simply adjust it easily than the automatic application. As I think automatic application is hard to do adjustment unless you are smart and quick to analyze when problems arise.

butterfly knife

Author:  MannMan [ Wed Nov 25, 2015 5:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: BW + BW Pack Issues

I discovered that the settings are being kept in Ballisticv25.ini. If either of you would be so kind as to send me your working version of that file for comparisons it would be greatly appreciated! :D

Author:  Blade sword [ Fri Nov 27, 2015 8:35 am ]
Post subject:  Re: BW + BW Pack Issues

The thing is that no external mods have the weapons set automatically
So does carver and fische, so does SKBP and any other mod
The thing is that they are non official BW add ons and never went like so.
I can't give you my BW ini because I use an entirely foreign layout.
I have carver, TOWP and BW FIX alongside of BW Pro

though I can help you regarding SK weapons at least helping you to choose your slots
Berserk Fists - X5W Black Ops Blade - NEX Plas-Edge Sword -
XM300 Dragon Nanoblade

RS04 .45 Combat Pistol - AH104 ‘Pounder’ Assault Pistol - AH208 ‘Eagle’ Assault Pistol - The Golden Gun

Machine Pistols:
T9CN Machine Pistol - GRSXX Golden Machine Pistol - MR-DR88 Machine Pistol

Redwood Sawn Off Shotgun - Redwood Double Barrel - SKAS-21 Super Shotgun - SK-410 Assault Shotgun

Assault Rifles:
CYLO Urban Assault Weapon - CYLO Firestorm IV

Battle Rifles:
M32A2 Tactical Rifle - SRS M2 Battle Rifle

Sniper Rifles:
X83 A1 Anti-Materiel Rifle - R98 Hunting Rifle

Heavy Machineguns:
- XMB-500 Personal Minigun

SM-AT/AA Flak-16 Recoilless Rifle - SRAC-21/G 20mm Autocannon - R20 Bulldog Assault Cannon

Small Energy Weapons:
- A49 Skrith Blaster

Medium Energy Weapons:
A73 Elite Skrith Rifle - LS14 Laser Carbine - LS-440M Enhanced Laser Rifle

Heavy Energy Weapons:
HMC-117 Photon Cannon - H-V Plasma Cannon Mk5 - E-V Hyper Plasma Cannon Mk9

Tactical Grenades:
XM84 Heavy Tech Grenade - G28 Medicinal Aerosol

V10 Expansion Pack Weapons
X8 Ballistic Knife - Defib Fists

Assault Rifles:
AK-490 Battle Rifle -MJ51 Assault Carbine

FG50 Heavy Machinegun

FSSG-50 Marksman Rifle

MOA-C Chaff Grenade

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