Can anyone make decent Ice Projectile weapon?
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Author:  Nikitka [ Tue Apr 23, 2019 7:13 am ]
Post subject:  Can anyone make decent Ice Projectile weapon?

I just recently registered to these forums as i realized its actually the best place to ask these kind of questions or do requests (If you guys/gals accept it to start with...) I noticed one thing about BW and all the bonus packs with hundreds of weapons from all the packs combined, but none of them have any kind of rifle/cannon, that would shoot ice based projectile! Does anyone, who is still active with modding around here consider making one? The Beam/Ray type of freezing projectile would be most preferable! The person, who is willing to to make one, could use most recent Captain Cold's Ice Rifle from Injustice 2 as an inspiration! I don't really like an idea of Spreading Steam projectile, Freezing Ray/Beam would be much cooler! I remember playing original Unreal Tournament a few years ago and using one of the best weapon mods for it by the person, whose nickname is FeraliDragon, who made mod called - Nali Weapons! The version of that mode, before 3rd one, had a cool looking Ice Rifle, that shoot freezing ray as a projectile (though it was kinda too slow...) I want something similar to that, but with faster traveling projectile! So are you guys up for a challenge or nah?..

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