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Rooks Keep is a PC based, fantasy melee deathmatch/arena game. Best described as "UT with swords", players will battle it out in a selection of game-modes, across a variery of maps.

The list of game-modes includes traditional Deathmatch and Team-Deathmatch, Conversion(kill your enemy to get them on your team), Combat and Classic Chess, and more. Players will get control of two factions of six characters each, based on traditional Chess archetypes(Pawn, Knight, etc) and engage in battles using a diversity of offensive and defensive abilities and skills.
Pawns will be skewered, mighty Rooks will smash their opponents with massive clubs, and sinister Beasts will tear into their foes with tenacity.

Games can be played solo against AI opponents, in LAN or online multiplayer or a combination. Up to 32 players are allowed in all non-Chess modes. Additionally, Rooks Keep supports 3rd party Chess engines.
Players will fight in detailed, full 3D environments that use the power of the UnrealĀ® Development Kit. Mod support is intended for Rooks Keep.

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December 8, 2014: 7:46 pm


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