The long and illustrious history of RuneStorm and the Olympian developers that make up the team.
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RuneStorm is an independent game developer based in South Africa. RuneStorm sprung into the gaming scene with the release of the "Ballistic Weapons" mod for Unreal Tournament 2004, which turned into one of the games most popular and acclaimed modifications. RuneStorm then went on to win various prizes in the "Make Something Unreal Contest" for Unreal Tournament 3, including 1st prizes for Weapons And Characters, as well as 2nd places for weapons. In all, we won ten prizes throughout the contest. We are currently working on our first UDK based game, Rooks Keep.

Team members:

Nolan Richert:
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Design, Programming, 3D Modeling, Art

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Arn Richert:
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Design, Art, Animation, Audio & Music

**Under Construction**

Logan Richert:
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Design, Programming, Scripting

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History in brief:

Starting Out:
We started out by modding games such as Doom and Quake and gained valuable experience in the process. We eventually moved onto Unreal Tournament and started to become familiar with the Unreal engine. We then later began with Unreal Tournament 2003 and finally decided to release some of our work.

Ballistic Weapons:
After some time modding with UT2003, we began a mod that we would finally release to the general public. With this in mind, we created "Ballistic Weapons". The first release was barely known, as we only realised afterwards that most gamers had migrated to UT2004. With that, we then released Ballistic Weapons for UT2004. With the many releases and additions to the mod, Balliistic Weapons went on to become one of the premier add-ons to UT2004, featuring 50 weapons and numerous other features.

Make Something Unreal:
Following the success of Ballistic Weapons, we began working with Unreal Tournament 3 with the intention of developing for the "Make Something Unreal Contest". With the release of various projects, RuneStorm went on to win ten prizes in the contest, including 1st places for "The Savior" character and "Thor Lightning Gun". We also won 2nd places for "The Crucible" weapons set and "Pitbull Shotgun".

Building on our previous successes, we are currently working on several projects that make use of Epic's 'Unreal Development Kit'. The first of these is our fantasy deathmatch & Chess hybrid, 'Rooks Keep'.