About Ballistic Weapons:
Ballistic Weapons is a unique mod for UT2004, which adds many aspects and features to the original game. The mod is implemented through a number of mutators, and even gametypes should players choose. The benefit of implementing the mod through mutators, means that players will be able to use the Ballistic Weapons and features with many other mods, gametypes and more.

BW Strikes a very enjoyable balance between a reallistic shooter, and a sci-fi arena style of play. Players will wield 47 unique weapons, from "oridnary" Assault Rifles and Shotguns, to alien armaments and even the devastating Minigun, Flamethrower or Mobile Artillery. The expansive mod adds an extensive weapon system with reloading, recoil, iron-sights, dual-wielding, scopes and more, an elaborate blood and gore system featuring all sorts of messy effects, and tons more features such as crosshair configuration, weapon selection UI, Conflict gametype and various weapon implementation methods. Players are offered a massive amount of customizable options, such as for Recoil and aiming tweaks, many blood and gore features, and various weapon implementation mutators.

Fling enemies into the sky and shove them around with the Lightning Gun, annihilate opponents with 3600 RPM of pure Minigun death, scorch with the flamer thrower, destroy with rockets, grenades and energy weapons, and mow down the opposition with Machineguns, shotguns and assault rifles! Exploding flamethrower tanks, mountable weapons, heat-seeking rockets, dual wield-able handguns, and stylish weaponry, are just some of the many things that BW offers to players. With nearly 50 weapons available to them, players will be able to find the tool of destruction that best fits their style of play and wreak havoc in numerous ways.

Check out the BW forums for support questions, help or discussion.

Ballistic Weapons includes many new gameplay features, not only for the 47 weapons. With an impressive arsenal of weaponry, tons of customizable options and settings, multiple mutators, countless gameplay features, and an extensive class-based gore system, Ballistic Weapons can drastically change the original game, and make it an extremely fun experience!

-This is a list of some of the primary features of Ballistic Weapons v2.5:
  • 47 high quality weapons.
  • All new weapons based on very powerful new weapon system, to add reallistic weapon behaviour.
  • Weapon reloading, cocking, and reallistic aiming and accuracy system, affected by movement, and player behaviour.
  • Weapon fire-modes, to limit or control how your weapons fire.
  • Mutators compatible with all standard gametypes.
  • Special functions for many of the guns, to allow even more possiblities for each weapon.
  • Wield unique and devastating weaponry, such as the XMV-850, RX22A, HVC Mk9, M75, FP9A5 and more.
  • Brand new, weapon selection interface.
  • Iron sights, which allow the player to see down the actual sights of most weapons.
  • Dual wielding for certain lighter weapons.
  • Impressive weapon animations.
  • Impressive sound effects for all new weapons, as well as explosions, weapon impacts, pickups, and many more.
  • Bullet fly-by sounds.
  • Mountable weapons, such as the machineguns and Minigun.
  • Awesome new blood and gore system, with dismemberment, impact effects, splatters, explosions and tons more.
  • Area specific damage.
  • New pickups, like health, armour, ammo, adrenaline, etc.
  • A very large number of customizable options and settings for weapons and mutators.
  • Ballistic Conflict Gametype
  • Ballistic Weapons mutator to replace weapons.
  • Ballistic Loadout mutator.
  • Evolution Loadout mutator.
  • Ballistic Arena mutator.
  • Itemizer mutator tool.
  • Ballistic Melee mutator.
  • Ballistic Sprint mutator.
  • Ballistic Regeneration Mutator.
  • New effects for bullet streaks, impact effects, brass, explosions and many more.
  • Surface dependant impact effects, bullet holes, scratch marks, and scorch marks.
  • Variable zoom level sniper scopes.
  • Additional HUD elements to display fire-modes, secondary, and mag ammo, and new dynamic crosshairs.
  • Customizable dynamic crosshairs for each weapon, that change according to weapon accuracy and aiming.
  • Lasersights that show you exactly where your bullets will hit.
  • Placeable camera that can be viewed from anywhere, and mounted on the M50.
  • Improved death messages, with random variants, and affected by damage position.
  • Added class specific sounds for player impacts, and headshots.
  • New sounds and effects for armour impacts.
  • Very effective grenades, that can vary timing, speed, and throwing methods.
  • Team colour dependant hands.
  • Thor Tank Vehicle
  • Decent bot support.
  • Motion blur effects.
  • New De-Res and respawn effects.
  • A73 and A42 to heal nodes and vehicles.
  • Allows BW to get around several stock UT2004 bugs such as the "Crouch Bug", and problem where fast projectiles would not appear up to a certain point on clients.
  • Modified Ballistic gametypes; DM, TDM, CTF, BR, ONS.
  • Modified Ballistic vehicles (variants of some of the stock UT2004 vehicles)

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A500 Acid GunBORT 85 Grenade PistolM46 Jackal Assaultv2.5 weaponsBW Renders

This is the full, complete package of Ballistic Weapons, which features all prior versions, bonus-packs as well as JunkWar, map and vehicle packs, and a music pack. New features to v2.5 include 6 brand new weapons and various fixes and tweaks.

.RAR file | 265MB
Strategy Informer

This is the full, complete package of Ballistic Weapons, which features all prior versions, as well as JunkWar, map and vehicle packs, and a music pack. New features to v2.5 include 6 brand new weapons and various fixes and tweaks.

.ZIP file | 100MB
Strategy Informer

.UMOD file | 100MB
Game Arena

This is the latest patch for Ballistic Weapons. Players will need v2.0 installed prior to using this patch.

.ZIP file | 15MB

.UMOD file | 15MB

This is the latest bonus pack for Ballistic Weapons. Players will need v2.1 of Ballistic Weapons installed to use this pack.

.ZIP file | 33MB

.UMOD file | 33MB