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Rooks Keep released!

It’s finally complete and ready to buy!

Head over to get your hands on it RIGHT HERE!
Oh, and please consider buying direct ;)
Rooks Keep

Also, don’t forget to give us a “Yes” on Steam Greenlight.


2 Responses to “Rooks Keep released!”

  • Woah, this went totally under the radar for me. I didn’t even know it was released until today, when I simply went to check this blog through my ancient bookmarks.

    I would suggest pitching the game to a couple youtubers for promotion such as:
    -Jesse Cox

    Be sure to include a key for the reviewers along with a juicy, gory picture to grab their attention.

    • Hey, thanks! :)

      I have tried pitching the game, certainly. Many of those you mention don’t take requests, and it’s quite tricky to get word out enough that they do pick it up :\ But, with VCD making such a splash, I think it might pick up a little :)

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