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Hey everyone, welcome to the RuneStorm Blog!

We will try our best to keep this blog updated with cool details from the depths of the RS machine. Updates on current projects, a look into developments and how we create things, and even some details on long past RS projects and mods.

Just in case you are reading this and don’t know who actually comprises RuneStorm, here is a brief run down:

-Nolan ‘DarkCarnivour’ Richert:
Lead programmer, Lead 3d Art, Design and Concept Art.

-Arn ‘ShadowBlade’ Richert:
Artist, Animator, Audio Designer, Design and occasional modeler.

-Logan ‘BlackEagle’ Richert:
Programmer, UI Coder, Aspiring Jack-of-all-trades.

If you need to contact us, you can get a hold of us over here (along with more RS info): RuneStorm About

And last of all, here is some general information on this blog and how some of it works.

These are handled by Gravatar. If you want a fancy avatar, you should head over there and get you one!

If you want nice capitals in your name(or change it), you can go to your Dashboard and configure your Profile settings. You can enter a nickname and choose to use that as the display name, rather than your username(the one you had to register with, which is limited to lower-case). If you also edit the rest of your info, and add a website to your profile, your name shall turn blood-red!
PS: Only glorious admins have dotted lines around their comments, so don’t ask for them, for you shall not receive!

Please contact us if you are unsure of anything.
Thanks for joining, and enjoy the torrent of useless information we’re sure to spill forth :)

3 Responses to “About & Info”

  • Hello my name is Mormy – Nicholas Medeiros

    I am one of the curators as of the time of writing 9th largest Curator on Steam which can be found here: http://store.steampowered.com/curator/6856269-Just-Good-PC-Games/
    I would like to request a review copy of your game ” Viscera Cleanup Detail”.

    If possible it would be fantastic if we could get 2-3 keys so that we may review the multiplayer aspect of the game with my fellow officers/curators in the group as most multiplayer games are meant to be played with friends. ( making things more bloody )

    I hope you consider sending Just Good PC Games at least 1 review copy so that we may possibly curate Viscera Cleanup Detail

  • value24:

    I want to play viscera cleanup multi, with two friends.
    one friend and I already have done many games together, but one friend can’t play with us.
    If she tries to join us, or we try to join her, it always fail…
    with message, “cancelled connect attempt”
    It’s driving me crazy… please help me

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