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Viscera Ketchup – Progress Report #3

Greetings custodians of the galaxy!

It’s time for another proper ketchup for VCD. What follows is an update of where VCD is now and some of the new content, and our thoughts on when we plan to get onto Steam.
So then, to the data log!

Work goes on with the med-bay, which nears environmental completion now. Just take a look at the shots!
The med-bay was witness to some pretty evil science, hybrid mutant abominations and similar medical experiments. The map will reflect this story of evil science creating what they shouldn’t have.
Bogged-Down Prisoner 849 escaping Someone get the cattle prod! Who left these here? Looks sanitary...almost


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Viscera Cleanup Detail: Alpha v0.15

Attention all workers, the station has been infected with a new and improved organism in the mock form of an alpha update, if you see it, alert security immediately. Do not be fooled by its innocent appearance, it is deadly!


Yes, well with that departure from normal proceedings out of the way, let’s list a run down of the major changes in this build.


Firstly we’ve taken big steps to improve the multiplayer syncing, and it’s running much much smoother now.
We have also reduced the chances of things ever falling out of the world and being unreachable.
Mops now clean up multiple splats at once, and they don’t disappear instantly.
Also in this update we see the punchout machine not only properly working, but also with a new mesh and interactive UI.


And many more things, here is the full changelog:

-Added fire spawning from broken lanterns
-Fix for buckets showing water after being spilled
-Punchout UI is now on an interactive screen on the Punchout machine, which also has a proper mesh
-Mop cleans multiple nearby splats at once
-Removed shadow casting from machine hatches
-Fixed divide-by-zero causing glowing white water
-Tuned the muck detector, it’s now much more usable
-Fixed mop not recognising using splat sizes
-Fixed bucket water plane – now stays level and doesn’t stick through the bucket
-Changed machine jamming limiter to use spree detection instead of time
-Player now bumps physics objects (bin, bucket, etc) when walking into them
-Added mechanism to prevent debris passing through world geometry
-Improved stuck debris culling mechanism
-Decreased number and rate of footprints from walking in blood
-Adjusted bucket and mop saturation limits
-Sped up debris light environment updates
-Fixed spinning view problem when standing on moving objects (Note: management considers ‘barrel surfing’ inappropriate behaviour for janitors)
-Replaced splat and debris actors in maps with newer, more virtuous kinds of actors
-Numerous fixes and improvements to debris replication and syncing in multiplayer
-Added blood footstep sound
-Improve hold distance and handling of horrid metal sheets and other objects
-Improved object holding and transform – off-center issues
-Made client players not die and leave corpses when clocking off
-Players can respawn if they die in single player
-Fixed the Map list closing when clicking the scrollbar.
-Fixed ‘Escape’ key not closing Map-List when it’s in focus.
-Fixed repeated ‘highlight’ sounds from playing when cursor moves over Key-Bindings.
-Changed and refined all UI styling.
-Added an ‘Always Run’ setting to options menu.
-Added Viscera sign to Main Menu and In-game Menu.
-Moved Options to its own menu.


We are also still working hard on the med-bay, many new features currently working or being worked on will present themselves once the Med-Bay is operational, this will feature a more specific focus and increase of current VCD mechanics. Until then, clean on noble latex-warriors!
Also, do pre-order Viscera Cleanup Detail now for $5 while you can, or risk going without your safety respirator!
Pre-Order now!

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Viscera Cleanup Detail: Shadow Warrior

Greetings, humble greetings fellow custodians. It has been far too long since we last shuffled into the staff room. :)


However, we have by no means been slacking off behind the crates again! No, we’ve been working on a little mini-game crossover of VCD together with Devolver Digital and Flying Wild Hog. We bring you “Viscera Cleanup Detail: Shadow Warrior”.

Available to all who’ve purchased the new Shadow Warrior. You’ll get to cleanup one of the most iconic katana battle scenes of the game, with certainly over an hour’s worth of cleaning time, and various little surprises.


It also comes with various changes to normal VCD content, and some additions themed along the lines of Shadow Warrior, drawing on its universe to create some unique surprises. Even your trusty space mop has been replaced with a wonky-at-best bamboo mop! :)


It features some newer fixes and features that will be making an appearance in normal Viscera Cleanup Detail in due time, as well as 2 achievements.
A fair bit of the work we’ve done on VCD:SW will find its way into the next, and or following VCD updates as we start to release them regularly once again.


And on that note, work continues on the previously mentioned Medical-Bay, we’ve refined its concept and are now working hard on getting it well fleshed out ASAP, it will feature various advances from previous VCD levels, and some other interesting elements.


We apologize for the terrible delay with news, we have been just too caught up with VCD:SW, and sworn to secrecy until now.


Have these fine links, and do consider buying the new Shadow Warrior, it’s a great game, and if for no other reason, it comes with VCD:SW! :P




As ever, please consider pre-ordering regular Viscera Cleanup Detail for $5 while you can if you haven’t already!
Pre-Order now!