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Viscera Ketchup – Progress Report #3

Greetings custodians of the galaxy!

It’s time for another proper ketchup for VCD. What follows is an update of where VCD is now and some of the new content, and our thoughts on when we plan to get onto Steam.
So then, to the data log!

Work goes on with the med-bay, which nears environmental completion now. Just take a look at the shots!
The med-bay was witness to some pretty evil science, hybrid mutant abominations and similar medical experiments. The map will reflect this story of evil science creating what they shouldn’t have.
Bogged-Down Prisoner 849 escaping Someone get the cattle prod! Who left these here? Looks sanitary...almost


Dig-site prototype:
We’ve spent some time trying to get a good layout prototype going for the dig-site map. We’ve some very interesting gameplay planned for this one which we’ll let you know about as it progresses. (Other maps are also being prototyped out, but more on these later..)


Vending machine:
Now with fancy meshes and textures! This machine will allow you to import a number of items, such as lanterns, med-packs that need restocking, etc.
Vender Vender Bender


As seen in the newest update, this machine now works and also looks glorious. Especially with the neat on-screen UI system, which will also be applied to other areas of the game.


Janitor texture:
He finally has a texture! In the end, you’ll probably be able to change the color of certain parts of the character to distinguish yourself in co-op/MP.
Stop Drop and Roll


General solidness:
We’ve made overall improvements to the basic foundations of the game. Object syncing and co-op issues, objects falling through the world, physics weirdness, etc. It’s just working better.
There have been numerous small changes and fixes to the game, but these are the big, noticeable ones ;)


These you will be able to pick-up and read, similar to the punch-out UI. They’ll help tell the story of the disasters of each map.


Next up, we hope to be able to get our crossover mini-game, “Viscera Cleanup Detail: Shadow Warrior” to more people soon. We’re working on that, so stay tuned!


And lastly our thoughts on when we want to get VCD onto Steam. We want to make sure we have a solid base first. So what we’ll be doing is polishing up at least one new map, most likely the Med-Bay, and refining the basic game mechanics. This includes all working basics of interaction, multiplayer, UI, etc. We also want to make sure all the mechanics planned for the Med-Bay are all present and correct. Those that have pre-ordered will likely get the new builds including med-bay and other updates before we launch on Steam.


And that concludes the transmission. Keep mopping up the blood and grasping the viscera firmly, and remember: “Sanitation is our Salvation”


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