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Rooks Keep Roundup 2: Greenlight

It’s been too long since I did the last ’roundup’. I really am rubbish at this :| Anyway, enough despair!

Plenty of things have been happening quietly behind the scenes since the last update, including a new trailer and a Greenlight page!

Rooks Keep on Steam Greenlight

Firstly, please vote for Rooks Keep on the Steam Greenlight page. You can find all the images on there too.

I will now briefly document improvements and similar such otherworldly things. So, head deeper down to view videos, images, links and details!

Firstly, you can enjoy this glorious new trailer:

Plenty of combat improvements since the last update:

    -Weapon highlighting: Weapons are highlighted certain colors when various moves are performed, giving players a better indication of waht is happening in fights.
    -Character skills: Each character gets a special attack/skill/ability.
    -Blocking and parrying improvements: Blocking is now more effective against quick attacks and parrying grants a temporary attack speed bonus on following attacks.
    -Better AI enemies

A short video of Combat Chess ins action here:

Another short video of the Classic Chess victory event:


Crimson Keep

Emberfel Abbey


A whole host of UI improvements, some of which are:

    -Options Menu
    -Awesome new color selector
    -New Chess HUD
    -Custom team manager

Gamepad support on most areas of the game now (UI, combat, Chess, etc)
Mutator support

Now enjoy some pretty pictures!


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