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Rooks Keep: Worlds in the works

Greetings everyone!

I’ve been working recently on some more maps for Rooks Keep, and I do have plenty of ideas that I think would cool to see, but only a few can be made. I’ll go over the progress so far here, starting with our first map that we’ve used for all our screenshots up until now.

I’ve added some new foliage and changed the trees in the Courtyard this time. There are a few passes we need to do still, but it’s nearly done. Every now and then, i’ll update it with some new features, textures or details, especially with each new UDK release.

Forests are cool! Right? Well, i’ve wanted to add one to Rooks Keep since the early stages, so i finally got around to it. Save for some mesh work (on the trees and cliff’s), it’s mostly done. I’ve created some foliage and trees to add to improve the forests, so those will go in soon.

This map i created just this morning basically. I created some trees and textures last night, then just this morning created some more textures, imported the meshes, and then made the map. I really like how it turned out for just a couple hours work. There are a bunch of improvements i need to make, but i’m pleased that the idea for the setting works well!

This started more of an exercise in theme than a map idea. But the way it turned out was awesome, so i turned it into a playable environment. Made some dead trees, grabbed the gravestones from The Crucible, and added them all into the place, and here we are!

I’ve wanted to create an environment like this for a while, the red sky, the weird lighting. It took about a day to get the bulk of it made, then a bit of the next day to polish it up a bit. I’ve got to work on the sky a bit, because the orange sun doesn’t match the blue sunlight quite yet :)

Just another map I whipped up quickly with the batch of meshes from the Courtyard. As usual i need to go over it with some more polish, but it’s another map :)

Anyway, i’ll be working on more maps as the game surges forwards, so stick around!


3 Responses to “Rooks Keep: Worlds in the works”

  • xavious:

    Wow… Those are amazing! And I like Raziel’s suggestion on the forums, some thingies sneaking around in the background would add a nice level of atmosphere to the levels, push it just that little bit further without much work involved.

  • Bulska:

    They’re looking AWESOME, I wish I could map like that :D
    I did noticed a couple of things.

    The castle stone walls, they seem larger on the towers than on the walls. Shouldn’t they be of equal size? Otherwise, the stone cutters would’ve had to make the stones seperatly.
    They also look a little bit flat to me, I wonder how it would look like with more contrast to the bumpmaps.

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