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Beasts Update: King and Bishop

Every faction needs a leader. For the beasts, we ellected a shining, magnificent beacon of glory to be king. We elected someone who would embody all that the iconic king stands for.

It just so happens that the beasts have a bishop as well and here is the creature that is the bishop of the beasts. Don’t worry, it doesn’t bite… or scrath… or use evil magic… unless it does.

How about some scupltures… Behold the olympian physique of a champion warrior and leader, but for now heres king blubber bag:

This is the bishop in shades of brightened black:

Just one more to go…


One Response to “Beasts Update: King and Bishop”

  • grizzlykiller:

    I must admit u guys are awesome at Modelling :) , i just want you all to know that ive calmed down alot, a VERY much alot, if i could come back i would ever talk about home troubles again, because there all mostly sorted, you guys are awesome, i really want to come back :) , and posibly finish my ut2004 mod, :) , btw i hope everything goes well with rooks Keep

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