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Viscera Alpha v0.13 released!

The latest update has escaped the confines of its disgusting blood soaked space station! :)

Alpha version 0.13 features a low-gravity map, bloody footprints, incinerator fixes and more!

Have at it, cleaning crew! Viscera

Note that this is a full install, no previous versions are required. Best you uninstall any old version first. :)

-Added new map: Zero-G Therapy
-Fixed objects not being incinerated in some maps.
-Fixed objects falling behind stairs in “Section 8″.

-Fixed dispensors repeatedly throwing out gibs in quick succession.
-Fixed held objects dying from continued collisions.
-Fixed janitors dying suddenly from encroaching objects.
-Fixed non-mess objects(Crates, Barrels, etc) being counted as mess.
-Fixed chinese take-out box collision size.
-Added Blood-Cluster objects for Low-Gravity environments.
-Fixed Lanterns not being lit properly.
-Added bloody player footprints.

-Removed Password box from “Direct Connect” dialog.
-Listed keys in options menu. (cannot be changed yet)
-Added View-Bob setting to options menu.
-Added FoV setting to options menu.

Get to work! ;)


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