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Rooks Keep hits Steam Early Access tomorrow!

Hi everyone!

Long time, no speak; bad devs! Anyway, we’re pleased to report that our game before Viscera Cleanup, Rooks Keep, will hit Steam tomorrow after being Greenlit late last year. We apologize for the time it’s taken to get here, but VCD has kept us very busy, as well as more admin than the God of Officework himself!
Right, now as you may know, Rooks Keep has been released and available for the past year, so why Early Access? Well, I shall answer in handy bullet points! Lets see:

[1]: We want to test the new multiplayer functionality and such before a full launch. This is the primary reason!
[2]: To test game balance between the characters and modes.
[3]: And finally, time to work on Mac and Workshop support.

We wanted to get RK out now in some form rather than waiting until VCD was finished, as we’re not exactly sure when that will be! Important to note, is that Rooks Keep is as it was after original release; it’s finished, it works, it’s a full game. We’re choosing to go for a “soft launch” on Early Access basically as a Beta test for the Steam build. We want to make sure we have MP running well and game balance nicely done, as well as workshop support before a full launch. Prices won’t vary between the Early Access and full version; it’ll still be $15 (or regional equivalent). It won’t be on Early Access for long, we anticipate, given how no new content (probably..) will be added; it’s feature and content complete.

Also, based on feedback and demand, we’ll be seeing about our own dedicated servers for the game.

Oh, and Steam keys will be sent out to various retailers that sold Rooks Keep, so no none will be left out of the new build. Once we’re done with Early Access as well, we’ll update the builds for the retailers.

There you have it! Leave your thoughts below, and thank you!


7 Responses to “Rooks Keep hits Steam Early Access tomorrow!”

  • Chris Beil:

    When are keys going to be handed out to greenman,desura, bundles….and how do we go about getting these ..they are not showing up anywhere on desura greenman gamersgate etc………And no one is answering questions..

    • Hey Chris,

      Keys for most stores have been sent out. I jut have GamersGate and GetGames left, which I will be doing today. I did upload keys to Desura and sent to GreenMan.

  • Chris Beil:

    as of 9:00 a.m. est usa no keys in greenman

    • They mailed to say it was all done.. wth..

      You can email use here: them[at]runestorm[dot]com and I can get you sorted if you still don’t get your key from them. Sorry about this :\

  • Chris Beil:

    THANK YOU …email has been sent

  • Skazuma:

    Hey just wondering if you guys were taking balance feedback? havent seen any dev activity on steam or on your forums about rooks keep. love the game, lmk

    • We are certainly taking feedback, yes.

      While we don’t reply to everything, we do try to read it. And I for one have certainly been active on the RK forums, be it the Steam or RS ones. I check them all every single day.

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