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Viscera Cleanup Detail v0.34; Fixes Ahoy!

Attention All Custodians, -staff eyes only-
A new update has been unleashed!
It has sadly been a while since the last one, as we attempted to get the Mac build working and focused a bit more time on Rooks Keep (due out very soon!). As the Mac build didn’t behave, we’ll keep going with normal updates, and hopefully slot a working Mac build in somewhere.
Also, there are some mysteriously goblin forces at work with the pricing increase to $10, so that will be delayed for a bit longer.. (YAY right??)
At any rate, v0.34 is now as live as a spirited face-hugger, so here are the changes. Most worthy of mention are the better note/PDA holding mechanics, new anims for hands and the janitor(3rd person), as well as a disposal bin load of fixes!
Behold ye olde changelog:
-Fixed Greenhouse lift not saving any data.
-Improved disposal hatch in Janitor Office.
-Improved Janitor Office door collision, you can now fit bins through them.
-Improved visibility of ‘pus-pod’ splats in the Greenhouse.
-The keypad pass-codes in the Janitor Office are now randomized on your first visit.
-Fixed seed-beds in Greenhouse from accepting seeds in buckets and bins.
-Added new a note to the Office and Greenhouse level.
-Changed punchout reports when playing Cryogenesis.

-Prevented machines spitting out gibs in speedrun mode.
-Changed office level to now save automatically when you exit or quit.
-Fixed empty buckets having sand in them after loading a saved game.
-Added a visual cue to interactive keypads to aid in hacking.
-Changed Bob’s notes.
-Added new third-person janitor movement animations.
-Added new first-person hand animations.
-Added Spam to the Supply Machine…uh oh!
-Gave Flares the ability to burn small weak items such as papers and soda cans.
-Fixed Sand Piles in digsite not being saved.
-Made Goo-Jars spread an infection to dead things!
-Fixed Mutant viscera using the wrong stump blood colour.
-Added new note handling + anims, the hands now actually hold them just right!
-Fixed draw depth of notes in multiplayer, they are no longer drawn over the player who’s holding them.

-Added some basic map info to the Main Menu.
-Fixed changing resolution and then turning off windowed mode causing the wrong resolution to be used.
-Finally fixed Gamma setting not working!

-Gave all Viscera Cleanup Detail classes their own class-group in the editor, should be easier to find now.
Well, there we go! Also of note, is this thread where we will talk about our daily development tasks for VCD. Also, this thread will help out with level creation for VCD.
Thanks ya’ll and pleasant janitoring!


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