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Viscera Cleanup Detail v0.37; Even more fixes

Greetings to all employees, even you, yes you, you know who you are.
We’ve been plagued by a series of obstacles, so updates are not as fast or as packed as we’d have liked, but we’re doing our best to keep em coming :)
This week is all about fixes and some new sounds (over 100).
And, importantly, VCD will finally hit it’s promised price increase this coming week, probably before mid-week. So this is your last chance to grab it at the $7.99 price. Also, we will be retiring the discount on VCD you get for owning Santa’s Rampage. For a variety of reasons, this can no longer stay in effect :\ Santa’s Rampage and the Shadow Warrior spin-off will still be free to everyone who buys VCD, however!
VCD will be increasing to $10.
So, please keep that in mind. We will do our best to remind everyone regularly over the next few days as we head there. Now then, onward to the changes for v0.37!
-Added another Crate stacking area to Hydroponic Hell
-Fixed Toxic barrel stacking for Unearthly Excavation, Hydroponic Hell, Caduceus and Athena’s Wrath
-Fixed Cryogenesis Cryo Capsule stacking areas not working, also made it more obvious that you need to stack them there.
-Replaced the Evil Science saw sound with something better.
-Added a whole bunch of new object interaction sounds!
-Fixed stacking areas not working!
-Improve punchout note text to fit better with janitor hands.
-Improved FP mop blood drip effects slightly.
-Fixed buckets never appearing empty on clients.
-Gave flares some smoke.
-Fixed clients not having object pickup sounds.
-Fixed new achievements not working.
-Fixed 3p mop blood not being synced on the network.
-Made notes snap into player hands, in third person.
-Fixed host not being awarded achievements when punching out of a level.
-Changed it to so the Ubermensch achievement cannot be crooked by setting the speedrun par-time allowance higher.
-Sorted map list from smallest to largest.

Thanks everyone, and keep those floors clean. The company won’t have a repeat of last time, you know what I’m talking about!


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