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Viscera Cleanup v0.2! Med-Bay, Mutants, PDAs, TOILETS!!

Greetings Staff, well it has been a long long time in the making, but finally it’s here, Viscera Cleanup Detail’s Medical-Bay!

This level represents a significant step forward from the previously seen levels, which were more examples than focused environments.

With the Med-Bay, you’ll get to cleanup after some really sinister stuff went down, a crazed doctor has strayed from normality and birthed some abominations upon the facility!

The Med-Bay is only available to those who have purchased VCD, so if you haven’t done so already, then you really should now, for a small $7.00!
Pre-Order now!

Otherwise, if you have already purchased it, be sure to check your Humble Store account for the download!


And, in case you were feeling a sense of doubt, perhaps this list of main features will sway your foolish mind!

-Near-Fully realized evil medical facility
-Mutant Viscera and limbs!
-New Blood decals, and a more vivid placement
-Notes\PDAs: Readable notes you can pick up to tell the story
-Alternate water sources (Toilets, Toilets, TOILETS!!!)
-The Vending machine to ‘import’ items into the level
-Interactive 3D control panels
-A new and delicious and 3D Front-End(Main Menu) level
-50 Gajumbazillion possible character colors for use in MP!
-Inner voices of MS-Sam forever silenced
-Many more cool stuff you’ll have to find on your own

And why not a few tasty images to correct your mind.


8 Responses to “Viscera Cleanup v0.2! Med-Bay, Mutants, PDAs, TOILETS!!”

  • zeebo:

    am i the only one having trouble finding it?

  • Asatyr:

    look again. its displayed on the humble page “updated file has been posted”

  • Hey,

    Yeah, in the email you received when ordered, there is a link to a page. Check out that page for the new update and any Steam keys that may be for you :)

  • diego torres:

    um where is a download link?

  • Sooshie:

    These screen shots just sold me on this game completely. I have Santa’s Rampage which brought us so much LOL in multi-player we were in pain. Especially the first few times we played and didn’t know about the TNT popping out of the Slosh O’Matic or the container machine giving gooey gibs. 3 people in one house. All in same room in Santa’s work shop. One gets the lit bundle of TNT, the other 2 scream like girls while the recipient runs in a circle in game screaming “WHAT DO I DO WITH IT?????” until he explodes. Then the container machine was the gift that kept on gibbing. “Um, who’s leg is that?” Followed by a 10 minute debate on who’s body parts were gooing up the bio container machine. I cannot wait to play this in multi-player! You have definitely won me over!

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