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Viscera Cleanup v0.2! Med-Bay, Mutants, PDAs, TOILETS!!

Greetings Staff, well it has been a long long time in the making, but finally it’s here, Viscera Cleanup Detail’s Medical-Bay!

This level represents a significant step forward from the previously seen levels, which were more examples than focused environments.

With the Med-Bay, you’ll get to cleanup after some really sinister stuff went down, a crazed doctor has strayed from normality and birthed some abominations upon the facility!

The Med-Bay is only available to those who have purchased VCD, so if you haven’t done so already, then you really should now, for a small $7.00!
Pre-Order now!

Otherwise, if you have already purchased it, be sure to check your Humble Store account for the download!


And, in case you were feeling a sense of doubt, perhaps this list of main features will sway your foolish mind!

-Near-Fully realized evil medical facility
-Mutant Viscera and limbs!
-New Blood decals, and a more vivid placement
-Notes\PDAs: Readable notes you can pick up to tell the story
-Alternate water sources (Toilets, Toilets, TOILETS!!!)
-The Vending machine to ‘import’ items into the level
-Interactive 3D control panels
-A new and delicious and 3D Front-End(Main Menu) level
-50 Gajumbazillion possible character colors for use in MP!
-Inner voices of MS-Sam forever silenced
-Many more cool stuff you’ll have to find on your own

And why not a few tasty images to correct your mind.