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Viscera Cleanup Detail v0.24 unleashed; laser, saving, burritos!

I come with good tidings, after a long wait in the void between death and undeath, we bring you a glorious update.

Recent advances in janitor based technology, due in no small part to the research done by the company’s mining department, have resulted in a new, overpowered and potentially destructive device for use by all janitors with the aim of repairing bullet hole dotted walls.

The new Welding Laser will allow janitors to not only patch bullet holes, but also make new holes! Modern technology eh, wondrous stuff. Janitors are required to safely follow company regulations, and not burn everything in sight once the evil machine spirits have possessed you.

The game now also features the much desired Save Game system! No longer will janitors have to be oppressed. They can eat a cheese burger or burrito along with their Jingo-Pop, and management will be none the wiser…unless they leave evidence, which would be rather stupid of you.

This version also comes with a great deal more fixes and improvements!
See for yourself!

-Save system (players can now save the game and return to it later)
-Plasma welder (patch up bullet holes, destroy objects, make a mess)
-64 bit exe
-Improved physics & networking
-Lots of fixes

-Added save game system which allows you to save your cleaning progress for later.
-Fixed bloody footprints not working in Zero-G Therapy.
-Fixed incinerator doors not having any effect on burn rate
-Made trunk objects not count as mess (on punchout)
-Same for incinerator
-Made lantern more robust
-Added welding laser
-Objects can be burnt or melted by welding laser and fire
-Scanner now treats scorches and bullet holes as non-blood mess
-Bullet holes in Med Bay and Splatter Station

-Updated VCD to UDK 2013-07
-Prevented spawning scorch decals on incinerators
-Fixed 2 hand items using 1 hand pickup anim
-Fix for janitor colors reset on death
-Made briefing screen show up when respawning
-Implemented splat and debris limiter options
-Fixed Bin showing a tiny bit of yellow when spawned in bin machine
-Fixed jump weapon impulse
-Fixed ‘G’ key making weapon disappear
-Implemented 3rd person anims based on current tool
-Improved rotation of fire spawned scorch marks
-Fixed Scorches not washing out correctly
-Splash screen
-Various other fixes and improvements

-Gave each map a unique briefing message.

-Fixed random exit messages not being selected.
-Fixed Tooltips appearing behind options on the mid-game menu.
-Fixed recently selected colors in the Color Palette not being saved.
-Added new scaleability settings to UI, including Shadow Quality and Antialiasing.
-Added Ambient and SFX sound volume settings.
-Added a UI setting for MS-Sam (Text to Speech)


This version, like the former, is only available to those who have purchased VCD, so if you haven’t done so already, then perhaps you should. For a small $7.00 fee you get to cleanup the mess of others, who can say no to that!
Pre-Order now!

Otherwise, if you have already purchased it, be sure to check your Humble Store account for the download!


On another note, VCD will be making its way to Steam Early Access, so be sure to keep an eye(or two) out for that!
And when I say out, I don’t mean pull your eyes out of their sockets, that would be…eeeh, creepy to say the least, you freak!

Now feast your eyes(if they are still there) on these delicious images(no they are not edible, get help!).
So HeavyBZZZZTI demand a welding mask!KumbayaOh Yeah!WAIT!

I’m afraid I may have lied, there are in fact no burritos, but I sure got your attention, eh, eh!..ahem


14 Responses to “Viscera Cleanup Detail v0.24 unleashed; laser, saving, burritos!”

  • zeebo:

    omg yes im excited about the save system

  • Wuppy:

    Great news, quick question. since i bought this via Groupees. does they get the new update as well? i would assume so but just in case as it only shows humble.

    • Yes, you will get the updates on Groupees as well :) I will try my best to remember to send the updates to them as well. Remind me if I slip though ;)

      v0.24 was just submitted earlier today.

  • Whateveeeeeer:

    Everytime I save my game, exit it and start it again later, the laser is gone. It completely disappears. This happens only when you exit the game after saving, not when simply returning to main menu. Possible bug?

  • Kyle Owen:

    NOOOO!! I came back to finish the Medical Labs and I’ve done EVERYTHING, but I’ve gone round with the sniffer and found 1 bullet hole I missed… AND THE LASER WELDER HAS VANISHED!!


    It’s not fair…

    It’s not fair at all…

    There was time now…

    • Thats.. hmm.. oh dear..

      Can you give use any info on how it disappeared? We’ve been testing it, no luck getting it to disappear.. Any info would be a huge help!

      Sorry, and thanks :)

      • Kyle Owen:

        Exactly the same as the person above, I had saved the game, come back the next day and the laser welder was just nowhere to be found anywhere in the level.

        And believe me, I searched everywhere.

        It was there when I saved the game, it was gone when I loaded the level back up.

      • LeeSuss:

        I just ran into the same laser-save-vanish bug and came here looking for some info, so here is how it happened to me.

        I’d used the laser briefly to weld the first holes in the level and then dumped it next to the item dispenser. After 45 mins of play without touching it again I saved and then reloaded, and it was gone. Searched the whole level – no sign.

        Another bug occurred at the same time – boxed items I’d left were frozen in position but the box was gone. Disturbing the pile caused gravity to re-assert itself scattering the mess. Not exactly a major bug but I bet it relates to how the save records item locations, including the laser?

  • Ben McLean:

    I tried to use the laser to evaporate the water making the floors wet but that didn’t seem to work. I suggest making that work. :)

    • The slippery floors are a tricky thing, but we shall see what we can do for them. Ideally, we’d want to be able to clean them. It’s a case of finding the right way to implement them. The current method is not wonderful.

      • Vatharian:

        I see two most logical choices – spilled water, which would require lot of mopping – and don’t even try to drop body part or bloody mop into it, more fun!
        Oooor – slipper surface due to use of some perma-frost weapon, that would require laser welder to melt (and mop after). Frozen body parts around, that shatter when touched could be added bonus (although this would require considerable amount of coding, I suppose).

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