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Viscera Ketchup – Progress Report

Hail ya’ll!

So, we’ve been plenty busy on Viscera Cleanup Detail since it was Greenlit (thanks again!!). We’ll be getting another update out soon, but in the meantime, here is a progress report on what’s been going down.

We’ve got a bunch of new systems in progress which are functioning already (but need plenty of polish still). These are:

-Bullet holes/scratches/etc and support for repairing them with a laser tool. The laser can also make it’s own holes if you’re clumsy ;)
-Fires. These can breakout when smashing lanterns or overworking your laser tool. This will be expanded as we go.
-Vending machine. Here you can order new pieces of equipment. This is still in it’s infancy, but it’s going well. It even has a nifty “on machine” UI.
-Scanner. This little tool can help you detect shell/bullet casings and viscera.

Other things:

-Radio. Fairly straightforward but adds some atmosphere. Next step is for us to find the right sounds for it to broadcast ;)
-Key bindings. Yep!

On the content side, we’ve been working on the new “medical bay” environment. We’ve got a whole bunch of meshes complete, but more to go still, and plenty of textures.
Here are some shots of it’s basic structure and look, still very much subject to change. Also, there are many meshes not yet added in ;)

Med-bay WiP Med-bay WiP Med-bay WiP

Med-bay WiP Med-bay WiP

And there we go! We’ll try and be more consistent with these progress reports from here on :)

Thanks everyone!

As ever, please consider pre-ordering it while you can!
Pre-Order now!


13 Responses to “Viscera Ketchup – Progress Report”

  • Yeti:

    How about old Music? Like fallout? would be perfect.
    And more than 1 Channel, little bit like GTA with more than
    1 channel maybe some Webradios with a Radio-Effect over it.
    And of course a custom radio where you can add the music you want.

    Question is how in the Multiplayer?
    Just a little hint look at Garrys Mod, i know it’s Source Engine but
    there have pretty good radio plugins.

  • We’ll certainly be looking into some things in that regard.

    As for the style of music, well we wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise. :P

  • Eebiot:

    Any word on when limbs dropping out of the machines will be a fixable event?

    • Hey, that’s not a bug, it’s a feature ;)

      • Eebiot:

        I’m aware of that, and I experienced a primal joy when it happened for the first time. Unfortunately, it then happened several times in a row. The third time I said, “How many people died in this thing?”

        It is an objectively good feature, but I no longer enjoy it because I have no control over it. When I ask when it will be fixable, I reference the fact that it is, sadly, unintuitively implemented as a result of the fact that you can’t do a damn thing about it.

        You can clean up after it, but that’s a symptom of the problem of the machine being broken. I am a janitor. I need to fix that shit.

        Thank you.

  • Ferus37:

    I’m curious about the radio. Will it be only music, or will there perhaps be some random announcements? Something like: “Reminder, all workers must return haz-mat suits to their designated places at shift end.” “Please refrain from putting odorous substances into the ventilation shafts.” “The airlocks are not to be used for gambling. Items should not be ejected simply to see what freezes first in the vacuum of space.”
    (Sorry, I get carried away sometimes.)

    The vending machine and scanner sound awesome. I’m looking forward to seeing how they turn out.

    About fixing things. Will we be able to fix fritzy lights? Section 8 has one area where the light keeps blinking, and I keep thinking I should fix that, since I’m a janitor.

    The med bay looks huge. I like it. :D

  • Soul:

    Great news, guys. :)

  • Lykrast:

    I’m happy cause we finally going to have a light collored map, and I find that cool ! The other things too are super cool ! Can’t… wait…

  • Darromear:

    A great thing to play on the radio would be live news coverage of a parade in the FPS hero’s honor. You get to hear this jerk schmooze and bask in glory while you’re stuck mopping up his blood (and his victim’s).

  • dutchy666:

    realy like the stuff
    maby some like elevator music would be nice XD
    another thing i realy like the new room its bright all the rest of the rooms seems so dark i cannot see what i clean somethimes =/
    but yeah overall so exited i pre ordered when i first heard about it ^^

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