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VCD Alpha v0.14 release – Sniffer

Welcome to headquarters. Today we’ll discuss some new hardware our tech division has put into production pertaining to the fields of mess-cleaning.

We present the latest invention, code named the ‘Sniffer’. Its sensitive and specialized nose can detect and seek out messes you’ve left behind, making it easier to reach for that promotion you always wanted, and maybe even that elusive employee of the week plaque!

All the details and more can be found in the release brochure.

Business aside, this is only a small update, as most of our work has been spent on various other features that are just not quite ready enough right now, but will hopefully be in the next update. :)

As ever, please consider pre-ordering while the price is still $5 kajiliwoppers.
Pre-Order now!


One Response to “VCD Alpha v0.14 release – Sniffer”

  • Wolverine:

    You know.. Actually having a sort of “promotion” tree for better equipment/upgrades for cleaning things up seems like a great way to add depth to the game ;D

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