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Viscera Ketchup – Progress Report #2

Hail all noble space station sanitation engineers and hygiene technicians, time for a small update on proceedings.

Progress has been a bit slower over the last two weeks with lots of other things going on. ShadowBlade, especially, has been preoccupied so there has not been much change on the maps.
There has been some advancement, though, and we are expecting to be able to get back up to full speed moving on from next week.

In the meantime, here is some work in progress
The supply vending machine:
Supply vending machine UI Supply vending machine UI Supply vending machine UI
This new machine (ignore the fugly placeholder mesh) will be able to provide the janitor with all kinds of equipment needed to clean up or repair and replace damaged parts of the facility.
If those pesky marines blew up all the video monitors or stole all the medical supplies, this is where the replacements would come from.
It can also provide new lanterns for working in the dark or anything else we come up with down the line.
In keeping with our design of having minimal HUD and on-screen UI, we have a system for putting the UI on a panel on the side of the machine. These in-world UI panels can be operated using the janitor hands.

Welding Laser:
Welding Laser
The laser will be used for repairing bullet holes, scratches and other types of damage or deposits that the mop can’t deal with. It may also have a few other nifty uses and devious traits.

There has also been work on improving the mopping and bucket when cleaning up scorch marks.

As always, there are also many other fixes and smaller changes and plenty more to come before the next version.


7 Responses to “Viscera Ketchup – Progress Report #2”

  • Nemo:

    For some reason when you said vending machine I was thinking of it as a sort of in-game upgrade system.

    I can just imagine saving up to buy that shiny new Vac-mop 9000

  • dutchy666:

    ooh nice idea make some kind of upgrade system that after you clean a room u get points =D
    and can spend them inside the vending machine ^^ for another type of brush of oother skin for the laser =) i was thinking more of a weld type laser thing instead of a gun

  • Adrian:

    I like all these ideas! What I’d really like to see is some sort of grading system for how well you clean the rooms. I’d also like to see an update on the multiplayer and how its coming along. That’d be sweet.
    But all in all I’m glad to see that there’s going to be more involved with cleaning than just mopping and picking up trash.

  • zeebo:

    im waiting so impatiently for this update lol.I’ve already warned my friend he wont be seeing me for a while due to this game.

  • It’s coming eventually! Super busy with stuff is all :)

  • Adrian:

    I just want you to know, of all the games I’m looking forward to, including AAA titles, this is the top one. I still have no clue why I enjoy this so much, but I want ya’ll to know that some guy checks your website daily for updates. Keep doin’ what you’re doin’, folks.

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